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Pangea TV Manager is feature built on Adobe Flash platform allowing Pangea users to manage their content on Pangea TV shows in the real time. Manager can add show items, schedule and manage various Live Inputs and also add subtitles etc. This tool is mostly used for Multiple inputs (such as TV studio, LiveU, Skype, web camera, mobile phone etc), not just for a single one.

Assign show manager(s)

First Pangea user has to be assigned as PangeaTV manager. Which is
done on Video Scheduler Show Edit page in Show Managers field.

Navigating to Show Manager

15 minutes prior start of the show assigned show manager will
receive notification. As manager click on numbered notification
icon >
PangeaTV > hit Manage highlighted link.

Using Show Manager

Show Manager interface consist of several separate
windows that you can resize and move around:
Output - video player showing what is currently being broadcast
Playlist - list of scheduled show items. Usually a mix of Live Inputs
and archived videos. You can change their order, delete them etc.
Live Input - list of available Live Inputs. Displays for example
Pangea users using PangeaTV Publisher
Subtitles - allows you to add subtitle to currently broadcast program.
Type the text > Set seconds to display > hit Add subtitle button.
Log - displays manager functionality notifications.
Preview - is optional window that will appear if you click on google icon.
Archive - list of available archived videos (any video stored in pangea CMS).

Available controls

You have several action controls available:
Play - plays selected item (move it to palylist or output panel)
Preview - plays selected item in preview panel
Move Down - moves selected Playlist item position down
Move Up - moves selected Playlist item position up
Add to Playlist - adds selected item to Playlist (eg. from live input)
Remove from Playlist - removes selected item from Playlist.

Also you have two additional Playlist options at the bottom of the panel:
Autoplay next item check-box - if enabled it will automatically play next Playlist item when current item expires or is removed.
Clear playlist (stop show) - clear content in Playlist panel.
Play sound - Gives youthe option to mute or unmute video sound.

Additionally there are 3 buttons in upper right corner:
Panels - allows you to hide / view all available panels.
Update media - updates Archive and Live Input panels
(if content has been changed in CMS).
? - Leads to showcase guide how to use PangeaTV Basics

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