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Internet TV Publisher is Pangea feature, built on Adobe Flash platform, that enables Pangea users to stream live video content to Internet TV shows. You need to have web camera or software capable of simulating camera (e.g. ManyCam or a free tool for encoding Adobe Flash Media Encoder).

Set up broadcaster in Video Scheduler

First precondition is to have Pangea TV show created in​ Video Scheduler
Hit Add Live Input button > Select Live Stream - Pangea User from drop down menu > hit Select button to add your self as broadcasting user or set user who will be broadcasting > hit Add button and finaly Save button.

Navigating to Internet TV Publisher

15 minutes prior start of the show assigned broadcasting user will receive notification. As broadcasting user click on numbered notification icon > PangeaTV > hit Publish highlighted link.

Using Internet TV Publisher

First you need to Allow access to your camera and
microphone than click on area: Click here to connect.

Now you are connected and ready to broadcast.
To disconnect click on area: Click to disconnect.
If connected stream will show on Internet TV Manager.​

Optimizing Internet TV Publisher settings

Publish - choose preferred type (Audio + Video / Audio only / Video Only)
Audio quality - set stream audio quality​ (HQ / LQ - high or low quality)
Camera resolution - set of resolutions in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio.
Video frame rate - amount of images displayed per second
Video quality - set stream video quality (use plus and minus icons)
Live quality preview - if enabled, allows you to preview the stream quality changes, before start of streaming.

To get most out of the Internet TV Publisher you should analyze streaming conditions before start of the stream. Particularly two main factors:
1) available internet bandwidth
2) streaming environment dynamics
If bandwidth is low, lowering the video quality improves streaming fluency greatly. If environment is more static, you can lower the video frame rate to keep higher video quality. You can try experimenting with settings to achieve required streaming quality.

Important note: Please note that changing the resolution or audio quality during the broadcasting can destroy the video. Unfortunatelly, we don't support this kind of changes on the fly.

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