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The Pangea Newsletter allows to share via e-mail almost the entire Pangea content and the latest news with the subscribers. The content can be distributed in two different ways: automatically (used when the content is released regularly) or manually (used for more individual contact). This tool also offers saving the templates with pre-defined content, sharing attachments with subscribers and many other features.

Getting Started with Newsletter

First and foremost you need to decide which articles you want to share. Users can receive content based on zones, types etc. Once you’ve made the decision, send us a request with all the details and let us help you with the configuration. The Pangea Internet Team will contact you when the configuration is ready.

Newsletter Menu

To access the Newsletter, you start by logging into your Pangea account. Click the Newsletter Button and then you can choose one of the following items:

  • Newsletter Topics (list of predefined topics assigned to particular subscribers)
  • Manage Templates (page for managing the design of sent e-mails)
  • Newsletter Groups (allows to manage the list of recipients)
  • Goolara (company that supervises our list of topics)