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CMS 8.06 Release Highlights

8.06 Release Highlights Video
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8.06 Release Highlights Video

Release Schedule

  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Inc.:
    • Tue, 8th December 2020 07:00 am Prague time (01:00 am D.C. time)
  • Voice of America:
    • Wed, 9th December 2020 03:00 am D.C. time (09:00 am Prague time)
  • Office of Cuba Broadcasting:
    • Wed, 9th December 2020 05:30 am D.C. time (11:30 pm Prague time)
  • LibertyNet:
    • Wed, 9th December 12:30 Prague time (06:30 am D.C. time)​

Table of contents

  1. SEO: Tags on Content Pages
  2. AMP Version of Audio/Video Pages
  3. CMS 8.0 - Playlist in Show Edit
  4. CMS 8.0 - Article Content Edit Page Improvements
    1. Sub-Navigation in the Settings
    2. More Content in the Upload Button
    3. Graphic Description Field when Attaching an Image
  5. CMS 8.0 - Search Result Page Updates
    1. UX Writing, Unifying Views and Behaviours
    2. Memory for Search Parameters
  6. CMS 8.0 - Add Future Published Content to Article
  7. CMS 8.0 - Content Widget
  8. CMS 8.0 - Trends Widget
  9. Replace Flash Player with HTML Player

New Features

1. SEO: Tags on Content Pages

Tags have been developed in content pages for CMS users to help with categorization. They also improve search results both in Pangea CMS and on public content pages.

As of Release 8.06, tags will be used in the meta keywords tag for public pages. If a content piece has no tags, then the category of content get used instead of a tag. However, if a tag is provided for the content piece, both the category and tags end up being used.

The "meta keywords tag" is one of several meta tags in the HTML source code of a page. It provides search engines with information on what a particular web page is about. Part of the best practices is that keywords should be written in lower case, and separated with a comma.

Although Google does not use the meta keywords tag in web ranking, there are other search engines, such as Yandex, which still support meta tag keywords determining the page’s relevance to search queries.

2. AMP Version of Audio/Video Pages

AMP - Accelerated Mobile pages - are primarily intended for mobile users. The share of mobile users has been consistently growing, and for some services, it has achieved 80-90% of the audience. Therefore the quality of user experience on mobile devices has become crucial.

AMP pages positively affect Google search results. These AMP pages load faster and thus can achieve a better ranking among mobile Google search results. This is done by retrieving them directly from Google cache. Because of the aforementioned better loading time, AMPs can increase site traffic and time spent on site.

So far we supported AMP versions for pages of article based content types (Article, Transcript, News, Blog, Feature Story, Feature).

This release brings AMP versions of Video/Audio pages (they are provided for all following content types: Video, Broadcast Program, Audio Clip, Audio Feature):

We're planning to work on AMP versions for Photo Gallery, Static Infographic, and LiveBlog pages in the following releases to cover all of the available content edit pages.

3. CMS 8.0 - Playlist in Show Edit

As of Release 8.06, it will be possible to search and attach a recorded video file to a new scheduled show.

At this stage, it will only be possible to attach a single file. However the aim is to gradually implement same option for multiple files and then audio on demand in future releases.

4. CMS 8.0 - Article Content Edit Page Improvements

The user experience of working with article content pages has been improved by bringing in the following features:

Sub-Navigation in the Settings

CMS users can easily navigate from the in-line editor to any other sub-item in the settings.

More Content in the Upload Button

We've added more content possibilities to the Upload option directly in the Article Edit page.

The newly available options include the following: authors, image, video, loop video, and audio clips.

The upload page is opened in a new tab. Once the upload process is finished, the user should manually close the tab and go back to the article to continue their work.

Graphic Description Field when Attaching an Image

For some images, such as some images from AP, the image title is not descriptive. In such cases, it would be more efficient to use image description for image caption when embedding to a content page.

Because of this reason, an image description field has been added. It is currently in a read-only mode to an attaching image via CKEditor.
Please, be aware that image description is not made publicly available on any site. The text which is used for image caption when embedding or editing an embedded image in CKEditor is fully an editorial choice.

The image description for the main image can be found in the Content General Settings. Both the image caption and description as available there.

Is it possible to edit the image metadata on the content edit page in Pangea CMS.

5. CMS 8.0 - Search Result Page Updates

UX Writing, Unifying Views and Behaviours

In previous releases, the search result pages in Pangea CMS were improved, along with the main search, and search and attach page when embedding a content or an image.
In this release, the pages were further improved by unifying the views, behaviours, and UX writing of all search parameters.

As part of this, Backgrounders were renamed in the search parameters from Embedded BG to Backgrounder, so as to have unified terminology.

The search parameter "Edited by" was renamed into "Modified by" to correspond with the term used in the search results.

Memory for Search Parameters

Based on the user feedback the UX for image and content embedding has been significantly improved. The keywords as well as the set up of search parameters will now be remembered within a content edit page.

6. CMS 8.0 - Add Future Published Content to Article

As of CMS 8.06, editors will be able to search and embed content that is currently set to a future publication date. These items will be marked in the CMS with a label schedule.

The label will indicate, that an attached item will not be available on the website until it reaches the publication date.

7. CMS 8.0 - Content Widget

The user experience of a content widget has been improved and it now includes multiple new features. The CMS 8.0 content widget now provides wider flexibility in both the auto and semi-auto modes.

The auto mode now features the options:

  • to see a live preview,
  • pin,
  • hide,
  • re-order
  • see the results of the auto mode

The semi-auto mode makes it possible for an editor to create a widget with different new features which combine aspects of both auto and manual modes.

8. CMS 8.0 - Trends Widget

Release 8.06 will also introduce the new Trends widget. It will enable the editors to easily know which articles, videos, or audios are worth paying attention to the most.

In order to get the data, which is used to determine the latest trends, a special application was built. It serves as a basis for the Trends widget as well other features. This application communicates with Adobe Analytics and retrieves fresh data.

This data is then used in the newly designed Trends widget. The widget contains only those content items, that received the largest amounts of page views during certain period of time - trending content according to Adobe.

It is possible for services to tailor the widget to their preference. This can be done based on

  • Category - dedicated to a specific topic such as Politics, Culture, Economics
  • Content-type selection - e.g. a special widget for a Multimedia section

It is also possible to set up a specific time range (1, 3, 7, 30 days) which should be analyzed:

This widget can be added with 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-column width to any Section page (including Region and You May Also Like). Embed code for the widget will be delivered in upcoming releases.

9. Replace Flash Player with HTML Player in CMS

Due to the planned discontinuation of Flash player on December 31st, 2020, the player that is used for video preview in CMS is replaced with a modern HTML player in the Release 8.06.

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