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CMS 8.05 Release Highlights

8.05 Release Highlights Video
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Release Schedule

  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Inc.:
    • Tue, 13th October 2020 07:00 am Prague time (01:00 am D.C. time)
  • Voice of America:
    • Wed, 14th October 2020 03:00 am D.C. time (09:00 am Prague time)
  • Office of Cuba Broadcasting:
    • Wed, 14th October 2020 05:00 am D.C. time (11:00 pm Prague time)
  • LibertyNet:
    • Wed, 14th October 12:30 Prague time (06:30 am D.C. time)​

Table of contents

  1. CMS 8.0 Article Automated Text Replacer
  2. Search Updates: Table View
  3. CMS 8.0 Article Preview
  4. CMS 8.0 Content Widget
  5. Responsive Region Settings: Content Type Setup
  6. Copy Link for Sharing Navigation
  7. Discussion and Interview Discontinued
  8. SEO Improvements for Videos

New Features

1. CMS 8.0 Article Automated Text Replacer

In this release, CMS 8.0 brings a new feature called Automated Text Replacer, which helps editors standardise words, names, spelling, etc during the editorial process of publishing a story.

For instance, a journalist might use the word colors, but the standard is colours. The system will now automatically detect such words and, at the moment of saving the article, ask the editor whether this should be changed to colours based on the rules set on the system.

This function will be set up in Pangea CMS using a configuration that allows you to add word conversion rules, for example "ASAP" to "As soon as possible", "colors" to "colors", etc. Initially, if your Service wants to start using this feature, please send an Excel spreadsheet with FROM and TO columns to our Customer Care team and we will make the necessary changes.

If the article contains words added to the autocorrect configuration, each time it is saved, the editor will be prompted to automatically replace words or undo the action.

2. Search Updates: Table View

We have updated one of the search results display, which we call the Table view. This update allows the editor to see a more detailed description of each material shown in the search results.

Here is the main data that is now available in the search results:

  • Status of the story
  • Priority
  • Schedule in future
  • Comments pending /approval
  • Last, modify by
  • Responsive view

3. CMS 8.0 Article Preview

The preview function for the article content creation has been improved. A Live Preview toggle button has been added onto the left pane of the page. Clicking it, will display the article just like it is visible on the website*, including formatting and titles.

* Issues with displaying embedded content still persist, but are being addressed in upcoming releases.

4. CMS 8.0 Content Widget

Content widget has undergone improvements and now includes multiple new features. Improved UX and new functions, more possibilities for working with automatic and semi-auto modes are just some of the features of the new Content widget.

The new version of the content widget allows the editors to view, pin, hide, reorder content units, and see auto mode results. Semi-automatic mode makes it possible to combine various automatic and manual functions.

To make the transition from the old widget to the new one as comfortable as possible for the Services, this function will only be available after completely the necessary training. Our Customer Care team will contact each Service individually. To request out of turn training, please contact the Customer Care team yourself.

5. Responsive Region Settings: Content Type Setup

It will now be possible to control how regions are displayed on site pages. Editors can choose the types of content located in a specific zone (category) for which the region will be shown, and for which not.

These settings can be adjusted on Zone settings page:

Currently, showing the right-region is available for the following content types:

  • Article
  • Transcript
  • News
  • Feature
  • Photogallery
  • Poll
  • Blog
  • Live Blog
  • FactCheck
  • Document

6. Copy Link for Sharing Navigation

To enable users to share content using direct messages, a new "Copy Link" button has been added to the Share navigation section. This means that by clicking on the corresponding icon, the site visitor can copy the page link to a specific Live Blog post and share it.

The mobile view of the Sharing navigation has also been improved, making it more compact:

Please don't forget to localise icon and Copy link message confirmation, using following config keys:

  • Responsive.Sharing.CopyLink
  • Responsive.Sharing.CopyLinkReply

7. Discussion and Interview Discontinued

After an extensive analysis of the use of content types such as Discussion and Interview, it was concluded that there is no reason to continue supporting these content types further (as they have not been used by editors over the past few years).

Therefore, starting with the 8.05 release, the support for these content types will be discontinued and all the already existing Discussions and Interviews will be converted into Article content types.

8. SEO Improvements for Videos

Starting with this release, for every video posted without an introduction, a title will automatically be used to fill in the description field in the structured data markup. This addresses the following issue:

Google and other search engines try to get as much information as possible about a video. Therefore, we provide information already published on the site in structured data markup (such as description, image URL, upload date and duration). If any of this information is missing, that video will not appear in Google search results, video search results, Google Images, and Google Discover.

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