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Manage locked content items


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Basic information

As soon as you start editing a content item, Pangea CMS locks the item so other CMS users cannot edit it at the same time.

If an item is locked for editing by another CMS user, the box on the main Search screen is gray. The box also includes the extra Unlock and Read only buttons. This applies for all content types in Pangea CMS.

Unlock an item

If you unlock an item, the other CMS user who is editing the item sees a dialog with the message below:

  • Your lock of this item has been removed by [Name of CMS user]. This item is no longer locked exclusively for you and you cannot save changes you have made.

The following conditions apply:

  • The other CMS user can no longer save the item.
  • Any unsaved changes made by the other CMS user cannot be saved and are lost.

Click the Unlock button to verify who is editing the item and for how long they have been editing it. If you are sure you want to unlock the item, hit Unlock.

The edit screen opens and you can edit the item as normal.

Open an item in read-only mode

If you do not want to unlock an item, you can open it in read-only mode. The following conditions apply:

  • The other CMS user is not notified and can continue editing without interruption.
  • You can view the settings and content, but you cannot save any changes.

To open an item in read-only mode, hit the Read Only button. Hit Read-only to confirm.

The edit screen opens in read-only mode. If needed, hit the Unlock button at the bottom of the screen to unlock the item and make changes.

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