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Managing website navigation

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About website navigation

The latest Pangea website navigation is designed to be clean, light, and highly intuitive. This applies regardless of which device is used to access your site. Since the majority of site traffic now comes through mobile devices, recent improvements have focused on enhancing the experience for our mobile users.

This article explains how to enable and configure the available navigation elements for your site.

Action bar

The action bar includes a set of icons that open high-interest pages on your website (such as podcasts and multimedia content). On desktop, the action bar appears in the top menu.

On mobile, the action bar appears at the bottom of the screen, where it is easily accessible with the thumb.

The icons on the action bar are configured individually for every website. Contact us to update your website's action bar.

NOTE: The action bar replaces the old Audio Navigation and Video Navigation options. These options are no longer valid for websites using the latest Pangea website navigation.

Live button

If your website regularly streams live audio / video content, we recommend including a Live button in the action bar. The Live button takes visitors directly to your website's live page.

The Live button has two possible states:

  • Active: The button is red when active to show that live content is currently available.
  • Inactive: The button is blue / orange when inactive. Visitors can still hit the button to check the schedule and access recorded content.

Your website might have multiple tubes (or channels) for live content. If live content is currently available via more than one tube, visitors can choose the content they want to consume after hitting the Live button.

Contact us to add a Live button for your website.

Primary Navigation menu

The Primary Navigation menu opens when a visitor hits (three lines).

To manage the items that appear in the Primary Navigation menu, go to Settings > Navigation Menu > Primary Navigation.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Sub Navigation on Section pages

You can add a Sub Navigation on any Section page (including the website homepage). A Sub Navigation lets you promote other pages that might be of interest. Sub Navigation is an optional feature on Section pages, so a Section page might have no Sub Navigation.

You can create multiple different Sub Navigations and specify where each individual Sub Navigation is displayed. A Sub Navigation can be displayed on one Section page only, on multiple Section pages, or on all Section pages. To manage Sub Navigations, go to Settings > Navigation Menu > Section Sub Navigation.

For detailed information, see the following article:


The Footer appears at the bottom your website and is the same for every page. It typically includes links to pages that are not actively promoted, such as Contact us, Terms of use, and Jobs.

To manage the links that appear in the Footer, go to Settings > Navigation Menu > Footer Navigation.

For detailed information, see the following article:

The Footer also includes 'Follow us' buttons for social media platforms and pages from your website.

Contact us to make changes to the 'Follow us' buttons for your website. We can add, remove, or change the order of the buttons. We can also change the page that a button points to.

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