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7.31 Release Highlights

7.31 Release Highlights Video
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Release Schedule

  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Inc.:
    • Tue, 26th March 2019 07:00 am Prague time (01:00 am D.C. time)
  • Voice of America:
    • Wed, 27th March 2019 04:00 am D.C. time (10:00 am Prague time)
  • Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.:
    • Wed, 27th March 2019 05:30 am D.C. time (11:30 am Prague time)
  • Office of Cuba Broadcasting:
    • Wed, 27th March 2019 06:30 am D.C. time (12:30 pm Prague time)
  • LibertyNet:
    • Wed, 27th March 2019 13:00 Prague time (07:00 am D.C. time)
  • BBG Direct:
    • Wed, 27th March 2019 13:30 Prague time (07:30 am D.C. time)

Table of contents

  1. Progressive Web Apps
  2. Scheduler Updates
  3. Teaser Image for Video Player
  4. Author Bio Information on Photo Gallery Page
  5. Original Time + Time of Update on Content Item Pages
  6. Pangea Comments Sorting

New Features

1. Progressive Web Apps

We introduce Progressive Web Application option for your site.

What is a Progressive Web App:

  • A Progressive Web App is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users.
  • It is an extension for a web site which improves its performance on mobile devices (fast, reliable and engaging);
  • It provides user with a mobile application experience while visiting a regular site through browser;
  • For Android users: as soon as user visits your web site, a proposal to install an icon on the home screen of the device will be appear. If the user accepts this offer, they will have an icon on their mobile device screen, which will provide easy access to web-site. This site will be open in browser without an address bar.
  • Web-sites with PWAs tend to have a more loyal audience (as users have easy way to get back).

Progressive Web Apps provide the following options:

  • offline browsing;
  • user-targeted content, based on user's geo-location;
  • notifications to the user;
  • and others

New features for PWA will be developed in the following releases. By default this feature is enabled, we're planning to roll out it per site.

2. Scheduler Updates

We introduced a new feature to the scheduler template week (audio and video) that allows the users to duplicate the programs of a whole day to the rest of the week days.

In the audio scheduler template week, the user can also duplicate repeated shows as long as they are located in the original day.

In case of overlapping shows, the user will be notified with an error message.

3. Teaser Image for Video Player

It will now be possible to prepare an image for a video and use it as a poster on this video player. (Poster is the image that is used on Player before video plays)
From this release, it will be possible to upload an images to Pangea, set it as a teaser image, and after ticking the box "Use teaser image as a poster", the image will be displayed in the player before video starts.

Image placed as a Poster will be the image that is passed to YouTube and Facebook when the video is uploaded to this Social Media via Pangea.

4. Author Bio Information on Photo Gallery Page​

This feature will be useful for those who want to highlight author information on photo gallery page.

When the "Highlight Author" option is enabled on the Author Edit page, information about the Author (including social network links) will be displayed on the bottom of the content item page.

User can find out more about content creator directly on the article page.

This feature, which was previously available for article content, has now been added to Photo gallery page.

5. Original Time + Time of Update on Content Item Pages

Time of publication and time of update are essential pieces of information for the readers of news. With this release it will be possible to display this information in a flexible manner.

The available options will include:

  • display either time of creation
  • display time of update
  • display both

We used to have 2 different options how to display publication time on the content item page:

  • you could display either time of creation
  • or time of update

In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to enable the config keys to display publication time enabled as well as to display update time and check the "Enable Last Update" option on the Content Edit page. Time of update will be shown with label "Update":

6. Pangea Comments Sorting

Pangea comments widget will now have a sorting functionality, allowing the user to choose how to view comments between two options:

  • from oldest to newest
  • from newest to oldest

Please localise label and sorting options titles:

  • Responsive.Forum.Sorting.Label.List
  • Responsive.Forum.Sorting.Label.Oldest
  • Responsive.Forum.Sorting.Label.Newest

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