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7.29 Release Highlights

7.29 Release Highlights Video
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7.29 Release Highlights Video

Release Schedule

  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Inc.:
    • Tue, 18th December 2018 07:00 am Prague time (01:00 am D.C. time)
  • Voice of America:
    • Wed, 19th December 2018 04:00 am D.C. time (10:00 am Prague time)
  • Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.:
    • Wed, 19th December 2018 05:30 am D.C. time (11:30 am Prague time)
  • Office of Cuba Broadcasting:
    • Wed, 19th December 2018 06:30 am D.C. time (12:30 pm Prague time)
  • BBG Direct:
    • Wed, 19th December 2018 07:00 am D.C. time (13:00 Prague time)
  • LibertyNet:
    • Wed, 19th December 2018 13:30 Prague time (07:30 am D.C. time)

Table of contents

  1. Audio Live Page
  2. You May Also Like, Based on Section
  3. News Layout 1.1
  4. New Layout for Content Widget: Vertical Image
  5. Quest
  6. Save and Continue for Infographics
  7. Newsletter PDF as an Attachment

New Features

1. Audio Live Page

We keep making improvements to our media pages and navigation. With this release there will be an option to have Live Audio page, where your visitors can find current live stream, information about upcoming events and recorded past items. It will be possible to connect this page to Live Media Navigation.

You can keep link to Audio Content item from Media Audio navigation, or you can enable link to new Live Audio page: .

Enabling the Live Audio page can help you keep all of the links in the media navigation consistent (Live video is linked to a Live Video page, Live Audio is linked to a Live Audio page).

You can organize your Live Audio Page the same way, as is the case with Live Video page now:

  • it can have information about Upcoming events;
  • it can have links to recorded items.

If you're interested in this feature, please contact Pangea CC team.

2. You May Also Like, Based on Section

You May also Like widget helps keep users on site, improve engagement, and promote content items. However, it has simple structure and can only have several lines with content promo.

Given the popularity of the widget, we decided to provide you with a more sophisticated tool to improve user's retention:

You May Also Like, based on Section Functionality.

This feature allows the creation of special Sections, which can then be used as You May also Like for the Zone page and Articles, assigned to this Zone:

To make these settings on CMS level you need to:

  1. Create Section based You May Also Like
  2. Assign the Section Based You May Also Like to the Zone of your choosing.

Please note, that this new Section Based "You May Also Like" has priority before the regular "You May Also Like" widget. This means that if a Section Based You May Also Like is set up for a given Zone, the widget is not rendered on on any article in that particular zone.

However, it is possible to use both options: old widget and new section for different Zones on your site.

Section Based You may Also Like is available only for JavaScript versions of pages.

3. News Layout 1.1

Thanks to the feedback of many services and based on collected data, we are releasing the 1.1 version of the news layout.

This new update includes:

  • Wider article
  • The right responsive region
  • Share link for individual news
  • "Read more" button to increase interaction
  • Improvement of user experience to open/close a news


Number of news displayed in the zone: Responsive.ZoneArchive.Layout.NewsType.PageSize


See all News Updates of the Day: Responsive.ZoneArchive.NewsLayoutItemsTitle

Copy link: Responsive.ZoneArchive.NewsLayoutCopyLink

Link has been copied to clipboard: Responsive.ZoneArchive.NewsLayoutCopyLinkReply

Read more: Responsive.ZoneArchive.NewsLayoutReadMore

4. New Layout for Content Widget: Vertical Image

In this release we introduce Vertical layout, where the image is displayed in a portrait mode. (See attached screenshot).

This layout is available for 1 and 2 column grids.

You can pick Vertical layout in Layout settings for Content widget:

5. Quest

Several releases ago we let our users have different result pages for quiz and share them in social networks.

In this release we developed Quest, based on Quiz:

  • You can create different groups of results;
  • Every answer in assigned to one of the groups - there are no correct or wrong answers, no ranges, we just count on users choice;
  • Based on the user's choice, system assigns him to one of the groups.

If you need to create Quest, please choose this option inside Quest editing tool:

After that you can add:

  • General information
  • Results
  • Content

Please pay attention to Result tab - here you need to create groups of result:

On the Content tab, while adding questions, you will be able to choose one of the Result groups and assign to each answer:

6. Save and Continue for Infographics

This release brings save and continue for dynamic and static infographics.

7. Newsletter PDF as an Attachment

Pangea is now offering services to enable auto-generated PDF attachment of the newsletter content which would be sent to a group of recipients (for successful delivery up to 20 email addresses). In order to take advantage of this feature we recommend services to fill out the configuration key under "Mailer.PDF.EmailFrom" with a designated email address which will be shown as "from".

The PDF look and feel can be modified in simple steps under the PDF tab in newsletter template edit page.

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