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7.27 Release Highlights

7.27 Release Highlights Video
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7.27 Release Highlights Video

Release Schedule

  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Inc.:
    • Tue, 25th September 2018 07:00 am Prague time (01:00 am D.C. time)
  • Voice of America:
    • Wed, 26th September 2018 04:00 am D.C. time (10:00 am Prague time)
  • Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.:
    • Thu, 1st November 2018 03:00 am D.C. time (09:00 am Prague time)
  • Office of Cuba Broadcasting:
    • Wed, 26th September 2018 06:30 am D.C. time (12:30 pm Prague time)
  • BBG Direct:
    • Wed, 26th September 2018 07:00 am D.C. time (13:00 Prague time)
  • LibertyNet:
    • Wed, 26th September 2018 13:30 Prague time (07:30 am D.C. time)

Table of contents

  1. Sticky Audio and Video Player
  2. Live Button
  3. New Widget Layout - Medium Images
  4. Today/Latest Button on Calendar
  5. Slide-in Widget Improvements
  6. New Uploader Component
  7. Infographics rights for Blank Layout
  8. Search Exclude Audio Repeats
  9. Localization for contents on the newsletter

New Features

1. Sticky Audio and Video Player

We are rolling out the first phase of video and audio Persistent sticky player. Persistent sticky audio and video player will allow visitors of your site to watch or listen to the multimedia content while browsing through the rest of the website without any interruptions, further increasing visitor engagement.

We will be rolling this feature out site by site, to make sure the features work fine for all the services. If your service would like to be among the first to implement this feature, please, let us know.

Name of the keyDefault ValueHint
Responsive.MediaPlayer.PersistentStickyfalseTrue to enable persistent sticky player functionality - player stays playing on bottom of the page during browsing while pages are loaded by AJAX

2. Live Button

A single button for getting to Live shows is the first step in the optimization of media navigation. The current implementation is only available for 24/7 services:

It will be possible to disable Media navigation and Live/Highlights, substituting them with the single "Live" button. It will take your users to a Live video page.
In order to implement this, a Live video page has to be enabled for your site.

As Media navigation is disabled, you can add Schedule link to the Live video page to keep your users updated regarding upcoming shows. This can be done use appropriate config keys from the table below.

Don't forget to localize "Live" button and Schedule link.

Name of the keyDefault ValueHint
Responsive.Navigation.LinkToLiveTube.ShowfalseIf true, navigation live button will be shown on the site (when any live tube is exist)
Responsive.Navigation.LinkToLiveTube.BadgeTextLiveBadge text of the navigation link to live tube on Responsive
Responsive.Navigation.LinkToLiveTube.HideLanguageTogglefalseIf true, navigation language toggle will be hidden on screen less then 360px, in case when Responsive.Navigation.LinkToLiveTube.Show key is turned on and a live tube is exist
Responsive.DedicatedLive.ShowScheduleLinkfalseFlag to define if the live video page has to contain link to the schedule
Responsive.Broadcasting.Tabs.ScheduleScheduleText for schedule tab on broadcasting page.

3. New Widget Layout - Medium Images

In this release we have added a new layout for the content widget named Medium Images. As the name suggests, this widget presents content with a new image size, and a better presentation of content in 2, 3 and 4 columns grid.
It will be possible to select this new layout during the setup of the widget.

Here you can see how the new layout will look:

One Column

Two Columns

Three and Four Columns

4. Today/Latest Button on Calendar

To improve user experience we've added button "Latest updates" to the calendar on Zone archive page and "Today" button to Calendar on Schedule page.

Don't forget to localize these buttons:

Name of the keyDefault ValueHint
Calendar.ZoneArchive.TodayButtonTextLatestLocalisation key for "Latest" button on Calendar, Zone archive page
Calendar.TodayTodayLocalisation key for "Today" button on Calendar, Schedule page

5. Slide-in Widget Improvements

The slide-in widget is a popular tool for content promotion. We decided to improve it's behavior, to improve user experience. Until user wraps it, widget behaves as used to do.

But as soon as site user wraps it, we keep it hidden for:

  • current user's session;
  • current zone;
  • current widget topic.

6. Infographics rights for Blank Layout

In this release we have made the rights for publishing infographics more granular. This should provide more control to the infographic teams to work with the services and grant special rights to the blank infographic template.

Most of the services have access to create and publish content on the template 2 and 3 (that offers header and footer, as well as inbuild social media). However, some services require access to a blank page template for their infographics. In this case, provided that services have a person who can code the infographics, it is possible to provide access rights to create and publish infographics for a blank template.

If your service requires access to create and publish infographics under this template, please send us a request to start the review process.

7. New Uploader Component

In this release, we have upgraded the upload control, bringing more stability while uploading content to Pangea

the control will be used when uploading

  • Audios (programs and clips)
  • Documents
  • Graphic

. Search Exclude Audio Repeats

In the previous releases we introduced the ability to search for radio programs through website's search. Subsequently some services requested the option to index only original content without the repeats. Therefore it will now be possible to adjust the configuration in a way that will allow services to exclude radio program repeats from the search results.
If your service requires this feature please send us a request.

9. Localisation for Contents of the Newsletter

As of this release, there is a new option to localise content for your newsletter service. Some services prefer to organize the content of the newsletter by content type, grouping the content by articles, videos, galleries etc. However, this did not provide an option to to localise these content types in the newsletter. This should be fixed in the upcoming release and services which organise the content of their newsletter by content type will now have the option of localising them.

Name of the key

Default Value
ContentType.AudioFeatureAudio Feature
ContentType.ClipsExternalAudio Clip
ContentType.FactCheckFact Check
ContentType.FeatureStoryFeature Story
ContentType.LiveBlogLive Blog
ContentType.SchedulerAudioBroadcast Program
ContentType.SoundSlideSound Slide
ContentType.WidgetHtmlHTML Widget

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