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Merging authors

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Basic information

Merge functionality is provided to help sites organize the list of available authors. For example, multiple entries might have been created in error for the same author. You can merge the duplicated entries to leave just one author. During the merge process, you select one entry from the group to keep. After you confirm the merge, the following actions are triggered:

  • Content from all authors is assigned to the one kept author.
  • The kept author automatically replaces the other authors on content pages.
  • Only the bio page for the kept author remains published.
  • Only the kept author is visible on the authors list in CMS.

Merge authors

To merge a group of authors:

  1. Go to Settings > Authors.
  2. Tick each author you want to merge.
  3. In the Select action... drop-down menu, select Merge. Then, hit Apply.
  4. In the Authors list, mark the author you want to keep under Select.
  5. Under Settings, you see the settings for the selected author. If required, update these settings. For details, see the following article:
  6. When you're satisfied, hit Merge or Merge & close.

The authors are now merged.

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