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Basic information

The caption is the text visible directly below the image on the public site.

This article explains how to work with image captions in Pangea CMS.

Set the default caption during image upload

Every image in Pangea CMS has a default caption. This caption is applied by default whenever the image is embedded or attached on a content page. The default caption is important because:

  • It is a source of information for editors who work with the image.
  • It might be visible on the site if an editor forgets to create a custom caption.
  • The image is searchable in CMS based on keywords in the default caption.

The default caption is set during image upload. For general information about uploading images, see the following article:

The default caption is set via the English Title / Caption box during image upload. Write the default caption in English to ensure that it's understandable for all editors who might work with the image.

To ensure that the proper information is provided, use the following structure when creating the English Title / Caption:

  • Country - Who, What, Where, When

You only need to include elements that are known and relevant for the current image. It's not necessary to use full sentences. An example of an effective English Title / Caption is as follows:

  • Pakistan - A boy plays at the edge of Naguman River on the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan August 1, 2023

The Description field lets you share information about the image in any language. The description is not visible on the public site, but is available as a source of information for editors.

Provide a custom caption on content pages

It's important that editors replace the default caption before publishing an image. Create a custom caption in the local language for your site. An effective caption provides context for visitors and explains how the image is relevant to the story.

For detailed information about using images in CMS, see the following articles:

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For embedded images, you can provide custom alt text in addition to a caption. For detailed information, see the following article:

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