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GDB Management

GDB management

GDB is a Graphic Database developed to built a single point of image processing and storage.

GDB Management could be devided onto Uploading new GDB Content and Managing the existing GDB Content.

GDB Management​

Each image is represented by a unique GUID (Graphic Unique ID). Microsoft (MS) database is used to store meta-data about images, but the database is not required for the core functionality which is re-sizing images.

Pangea GDB management is a management of incoming graphic content and sources through which CMS receives new graphic images. It is then possible to search Graphic content by a unique source and origin. GDB management is presented by management of GDB uses, GDB Sources, RFE/RL Photographers and Courtesy Photographers. There you can add or remove these categories and sources by which new graphic images are categorized by CMS.

It is pretty useful when searching for a specific graphic content in CMS, or displaying the source of the picture on frontend in order to avoid copyright issues. It also promotes friendly and Courtesy sources of Graphic content.

In order to enter GDB management you need to go to Administration, GDB Management and there select needed category:​

Management of GDB Uses

GDB Use is needed to define the area or a category where the GDB content belongs or comes from, e.g. Graphics, Citizen Journalism etc. In order to create or modify a new GDB Use please go to Administration, GDB management and there select GDB Use. There you can either create new GDB Use or modify the existing ones, it is also possible to remove it:

Management of GDB Sources

GDB Source - is where the GDB content comes from. This could be RFE/RL friendly sources of content, e.g. AFP, Amnesty International, etc. Alike with GDB Use you may go to Administration, GDB Management and Select GDB Source. From there you may create new, search, modify or remove existing GDB Sources:

It is then easy to find a proper and related content in CMS. When inserting Graphic content or searching for related sources it becomes simple to find all graphics coming from one source. For example, in CMS, when searching for all Amnesty International graphics you just select it in the Source field, hit search, and you would have that content displayed:

Management of RFERL Photographers

Just like with the previous two GDB management areas, this one could be found in Administration section. It is about maintaining GDB content created by RFERL Photographers. Here you can create or maintain the existing RFERL Photographers:

Management of Courtesy Photographers

Courtesy Photographers are RFERL friendly photographers that provide content to our GDB. It's management could be done by going to Administration, GDB Management and choosing Courtesy Photographers. Here it is possible to find, edit or remove the existing Photographers and create new ones:

Uploading new GDB content

When uploading a new GDB content to CMS it is necessary to select GDB Source and/or Courtesy Photographer. As it was stated before, this would help to find a related content, promote Courtesy Photographers and avoid copyright issues, as well as helping end users to see where the picture originally comes from. It thus brings more quality and professionalism.​

Displaying on the frontend

On the frontend the GDB Content is displayed with a specific marks of the GDB Source and/or Courtesy Photographer. The end users of the content can easily understand what the content is related to and where it comes from.

Example of GDB Source:

Example of Courtesy Photographer GDB Content:

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