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Poll Widget

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Poll widget is designed to display any Poll. It can hold only one poll at the time. If poll has Start date in future poll will be displayed as not open yet. When expired poll will display as expired displaying results. Most suitable is one column widget though all types are supported.

Poll Widget Creation

To create Poll widget press Add Widget button ​on Section page.

Chose widget type Poll and hit Save button.

Poll Widget Content

Adjust search criteria if needed and hit Search button to find required Poll. Use green arrow to attach poll. There can be only one poll attached at the time. Switch to Settings tab to set up additional poll properties.

Poll Widget Settings​

Hit Widget Disabled button in case you would like the widget to disappear from your site but you do not want to delete it permanently just yet. As Header Display Type you can use standard title that you define in Title of widget or no title. We also support Image and Flash. Widget Name is automatically generated internal identification that does not show on front end site. You can specify any Header Link or Footer Link. When done hit Save button.

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