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Contact Us represent user feedback form allowing users to send message to editors on any predefined
e-mail address. Editors e-mail address is not visible to users. And it is possible to set several contact names that users can select from drop down menu.

Widget Creation​

To create Contact Us widget hit Add Widget button on your
Section page

> select Contact Us widget type and hit Save button.

Widget Settings​

​Common widget properties are described in the Article Widget guide.
This widget has two specific options: Use default (English) localization in the widget when checked it overrides site predefined Localization and displays default English values. Email address defines where messages from users will be sent. It is possible to set several email contacts. Hit Add Email button as many times as you need. Fill the email address and title that will display to users in select field. You can also change order using arrows.

Change of Contact Us - email body text

We have improved the wording in the Contact Us email, now it is more clear and with additional information about the reader - sender of the email (service email/ reader email/ IP address of reader, visited page).

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