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User Groups Management

User groups
User groups


User Group defines the user's rights for all the Pangea sites. It also assigns the users to multiple sites with equal or different rights for each site.

​Getting Started

To open the User Group management page, you start by clicking the Administration button. Then click the User Management button and continue by selecting the Manage User Groups button.

As you can see in the following picture, this page displays the list of User Groups. To adjust the particular group you can use one of the Action buttons:
Edit opens the group for editing
Copy allows to copy already existing group with different name and options
Rights allows to set the user rights
Delete deletes the group

New User Group/Editing User Group

To create a new group you start by clicking the New User Group button. Then fill in the Name and the Group Description. To share this group among multiple sites, tick the Shared Group box and choose the sites.

User Group Rights

Through editing Group Rights ("Rights" Action button) you can define the scope of rights given to any particular user group. That means that you can allow the users to view, create, modify, delete, restore and publish the specific type of content you choose (e.g. Content, Pangea TV, GDB, Sections/Regions/Widgets, etc.) with more details subsections of these types of content.