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related content


Related Content page allows you to attach links to various content types on your article. List of Related Articles or any kind of Multimedia or interactive content such Quiz and also plain Links to any URL or any Zone / Section or Special Page in Pangea.


Related content page​

Search for Article > Open it for Editing > Switch to Related Content tab.
Select preferred Related Articles Layout from drop down menu for articles.
Chose Content type and Search for it. Use to attach found content.
To attach links hit +Add Related Link button > Select URL > Specify.
For custom URL use Manual Link option and type URL manually.

Attached Items​

To open up list or attached items click on the blue highlighted header.
To change order of items in the list click on Position drop down menu and override the number. Select 1 for the item to be listed first. Rest of the items will update their positions accordingly. To delete already attached item use
Delete icon. There is also possibility to Preview the item on front end site.