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Search is default page in CMS where you are taken upon login. It can be accessed anytime by hitting Search in main menu. You can search for any content type stored in database including multimedia or uploaded content generated by external users. Cross all sites and some content also cross all entities (this needs to be enabled after confirmation - if you are interested, let us know). You can also copy from one site to another.

Content type: Content

Here you can search for article alike content. And specify article types in sub-menu. By default all are checked. For this content type you can also specify Zone(s). If you do not mark any zone All zones will be searched though not checked by default. Trigger search by hitting Search button.

Content type: Multimedia

When searching for Multimedia in sub-menu you can select only one option at the time. In case of Graphic you can search through not only all sites but also all entities. You can also change display layout to show mostly images.

Content type: UGC Review

Here you find all UGC content submitted by end users to your service. The source can be web site or mobile application. You can edit and approve the content than it will be moved to multimedia or content. If you delete anything from here it is permanent and cannot be restored. All content here expires after 30 days from submission and than is deleted unless approved.

Further search options

After you specify content type and submenu eventually zones you can further narrow the search by using the Keywords. For guide how to use keywords mouse over the ? icon. You can also search content trough added tags. Type the tag in Tags field and hit Add tag button. Use x Icon to remove the tag.

If you still do not find expected content extend the Date from limiting the search by default to last week. Hit the calendar icon after selecting From date hit Done button. Use Today button if you want the search content from today only. You can also set how many Results will be displayed per page default is 25. It is also possible to search only content form particular Authors. Or different than your own site in Search place. Hit Clear to reset all to default.

Actions on found content

Hit Expand all to display more detailed information about found content. Or same icon on item level. Mark Show All in case you would like to display also content that has been deleted. You will see it highlighted red and there is option to Restore item in Actions. Typical actions are Editing / Desktop preview / Mobile preview / History / Copy / Delete. Use arrows to move to next page. You can also filtrate columns by hitting blue title of column.

Copy from one site to another

You can copy content such articles multimedia or infographics from another sites to your one. In Search place select the site where you would like to copy from. Find content you would like to copy and hit Copy icon in Actions column
Select at least one Zone and Save > change Search place back to your site.

Lock icon on Article

Sometimes you can see some articles locked and not editable. That is when some other person have the article open for editing. Mouse over the lock icon to find out who is it. Contact the person if you need to edit the article. You can remove the lock when you click on it > OK

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