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Automated Social Media Teaser Image

Automated Social Media Teaser Image


In previous articles, we showed what is Teaser content, how to set it up and why to use it. There are 2 types of Teaser content in Pangea CMS: "internal" teaser (to be displayed on the widget level on the site) and teaser for social media.

Some Services create teaser images for social media separately, adding on them texts and branded elements, which is very time-consuming. In order to make the process faster and easier to journalists, we added the ability to automatically generate teasers for social networks to Pangea CMS.

More details about how the tool works and what options it provides below.

Getting started

You create your new article as usual.

When the title is entered, and the main image is selected, the tool starts working and in 10-15 seconds notify you by the i icon next to the Teaser Content tab title.

Now you can go to the Teaser Content tab and see four social media teaser image options in the bottom part of the screen. Images are combining title, main image, and logo using four different layouts.

You can select one most suitable by clicking on the radio button above the image or keep the default option "Only image" not touched.

You can also add Social Media Title to avoid duplication of the main title on and below the image in the snippet that will be shown on the social media page.

All other publishing steps stay not changed.

The selected image will be using on Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Telegram, Messenger and other platforms that respect Open Graph meta data.

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