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How to trace your online connection to Pangea

When you feel that Pangea is being slow, there are many possible culprits that could be causing this. One of the likely ones, is the route between your pc and the end server (the one that has information that is being requested). This "online distance" can change, but more importantly, depending on the specific way that is taken, it can be slow or fast.

In order to help you improve the speed of Pangea, it can be helpful to our engineers, to know what happens to the request sent out by your PC along this route it takes. For that we use a function called "Trace route".

In order to place a "trace route" request, we would kindly ask you to complete the following steps:

1) Press Windows key + R . You will get Run window.

2) Please type cmd.exe into the Run window and press Enter.

3) In the Command line window, please type the following:

tracert <url of the website that you're on>
(for example "tracert" as displayed in the picture)

and press Enter

4) Please make a print-screen of the results that you will receive and attach them to the JIRA ticket that has been created with this issue.