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Manage comments as moderator

There are 2 ways how you can manage comments. Either go to Forum in Search and edit any forum found. That will directly take you to Forum page with comments. Or edit any Article / Video / Photogallery / Soundslide with commenting enabled and hit link Moderate Comments.

Moderator options

Default view on forum page is Pending comments that require approval prior being posted on your site. You can change the view to all or filtrate by any particular status. Icon in status bar represent current status of particular comment. R stands for Reply and O is Origin message. Hit Reply button to respond any particular comment which will display on site as moderator response. To send new comment not answer hit New Question button. To see the forum on website click on blue highlighted title link of your forum. If you would like to close or extend the forum hit Edit Forum Details button.

Comments can be moderated in actions:

Approve & Feature
Edit Message
Delete Message

Email notifications of comment activity

When creating a comment, the user may choose to have a notification available for any activities that are happening on the forum, these are: when comment is published or commented by someone or the user requires notification when the forum is commented. The user on the front end sees the following picture:

After submitting/sending a new comment, it appears in our backend Moderation Table, and after it is approved and/or commented by someone else the user should receive a notification through email:

Comments sorting - newest comments at the top

We have added a new option for chose the sorting key on the comments. Comments can now be sorted from oldest to newest or vice versa. Contact our Support Team via the Pangea Help Center portal if you wish to change your current setting.

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