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Adding Yourself as Author

Adding Yourself as Author


The main reason why to add your self as Author of content created by you is to ensure that you get paid for your work. There can be more authors added to one content such article.

Adding Author

When you create new article content type there is option to add your self as Author of this article. You can also Edit any already created article and add yourself as author there. Just hit Add button in Authors field.

Selecting Author

After hitting Add button you need to find your self in list of authors. You can use the field to start typing either your first or last name to narrow the list of available authors. Either hit enter or Search Author button. Once you locate your user hit Attach button next to your name. You should be also able to see your Contributor ID based on that you are identified in the payment system.

Cannot find yourself?

In case you are unable to locate your self. Please contact your web administrator who can add you into the CMS system.
If you do not see any Contributor ID next to your name please contact
your manger.

How will the author be displayed on website

When users open any for example article written by you where you added your self as author it will show on the top of the article.

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