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Important: Facebook's new Insights and Hashtags, Twitter Analytics and Google Reader

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Facebook introduces new Insights

Some great news from Facebook developers: “In recent months, we've been gathering feedback about our Page Insights tool. What we heard is that we need to make Page Insights more actionable. It should be clearer to businesses how to use this information to drive the results they care about.“. Take a look at this article and try new Insights.

Twitter also brings up their own Analytics to the World

For now this functionality is available only for some users but they plan rollout it to all users after some tests. If you want to know more, read this article from Hubspot magazine.

Facebook Launches Hashtags

Finally it is here. You could start using hastags on Facebook. Some reports shows, that it starts to be very popular but it looks like it functionality just starts growing and it isn’t as popular as hashtags on Twitter so far.

Facebook Finally Rolls Out Graph Search to Users

You could note it already – new style of header on Facebook pages. If you haven’t noticed it before, it is a right time to look at it.

Google Reader

Last Day for Google Reader. It is time to say Goodbye and find some alternatives.