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Pangea Source Guide

Welcome to the Pangea Source Guide. Here you can find a simple guidline which will help you to learn how to use the news agency aggregator tool made by Pangea. In case you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Pangea Source, ia news agency aggregator tool designed to help journalist to keep up-to-date on the latest news from prestigious agencies. Source is a responsive application, so you can access it from any device mobile, tablets or computers.

One Login

Source works with Azure (Microsoft Technology), meaning that the same login you use for the RFERL corporate e-mail is the same login you will use to access Source, this means one less password to remember.

The benefits of using Microsoft login are :

  1. One login, for RFE/RL and Source
  2. High level of security

Easy to Use

You will learn to use Source in a bit, the application is very user friendly, here some basic tips how to use it:

Navigations: The navigation offers really easy access to the application menu located at the top left icon besides the logo, this menu offers links to other pangea applications just click on it and the and links to other application will display

Login / Log out : options is on the top right of the application

source app navigation
source app navigation

Search: With the amazing amount of content Source provides,(archives from 1998)​ Source comes with a powerful full-text search, meaning you can type a word or a phrase and source will search for it across all the content.

Refiners: there is option to refine your search by using the search refiners located at the left panel of the application. you can refine by:

  1. Date: pick a date From/ To and the filter with refine your search for the specific dates.​
  2. Sources: Select one or multiple sources, the content will display the relevant results refined by the sources​.
  3. Search or clear refiners: once you are done selecting your refiners click the search button and the application will give you the most relevant content based on keywords and refiners, if you select clear filter criteria the system will clear the refiners and give you the latest news as a search result.
  4. Share and bookmark your search refiners: have a set of refiners that covers your favorite sources, you can bookmark it or share url, this way you always will get the latest news from the selected Agencies.

Content: The application provide content from over 40 agencies around the world, it unifies all content parsed from emails, pdf, doc and HTML into a beautiful interface, where journalist can consume the content.

source content sample
source content sample


If the news contains an image it will be shown at the bottom under 'Attachments'. Image can be displayed and downloaded:

Beta Version: Source is in beta version, meaning there is still plenty of new ideas and features to come, please take a look and use it and let us know what are your thoughts, ideas etc.

If you have something to share bug or feature please let us know by accessing our customer care portal