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Multiple Video (Batch) Upload


If you have single video and good internet connection use Video upload page. Video batch upload page serves to upload several video files at the time and at higher speed because it uses new fast infrastructure.​

Batch upload videos to Pangea CMS

To upload videos navigate to New > Multimedia > Video Batch Upload
Select video files for upload using the Select files button or drag and drop from another window. Selected files will start to upload immediately. By default the videos are saved in Draft Status. If you need Watermark please select it before selecting the files for upload. Hit Expand icon (blue down arrow) in Actions column to start specifying the zone title and description.

While the file is still uploading you can already start to select zone fill title and description. You can also change the Status from Draft to Published. To save your changes hit Update button. Once the video is ready and encoded you will receive a system notification and video will be searchable in CMS.

Wait until the upload is complete > Hit Edit (Pencil) icon in Actions column for more detailed video editing. Video upload page opens where you can Preview the video or Trim the video. You may also locate and edit the video using Search > Multimedia > Video .

For more information refer to Video guide.