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Facebook Live Overview

The configuration to live and on-demand Facebook video stream via Pangea are technical and are done mostly on the back end.

These include, creation and setting up of Facebook application as developer, obtaining Facebook page access tokens and changing them from short-lived to a permanent token for future use and finally creating Facebook distribution account.

Facebook application as developer is an application that allows to have access to make connection between the desired social media site that is the Facebook and Pangea site.

The short-lived and the permanent Facebook page access tokens are a combination of alpha-numerical values used as a communication language between Pangea site and Facebook.

The Facebook distribution account is an account that needs to be set up in Pangea site to help distribute live and on-demand videos from Pangea to Facebook.

To set up a Facebook distribution account in Pangea, Application ID, Application Secret, Page ID and Access Token code are a requirement to fill. These requirements are extracted Facebook while completing from the backend.

Web and social media producers’ expectations

Users with administration rights have the access to view all available distribution accounts including the Facebook account in Pangea. Simply go to “Administration” tab in the main menu and under “Content distribution” - “Distribution Accounts”.

Web and social media producers have the functionality of Pangea Facebook video stream for on-demand and live videos.​


1.Ensure that shows in the Video Scheduler and Template Week are updated and the FB & YT Live is checked and show is saved.

2.Click on "Update Schedule from Template" once you updated all shows for the week.

3.Sit back and enjoy it, Pangea CMS will do all the work for you ;)

As long FB & YT page credentials and MC # for the tubes don’t change you won’t need to move a finger to get your regular shows to FB and YT page.

If you or your colleagues require trainings on scheduler or would like to have Q&A meeting please let me know, Pangea is happy to accommodate it.

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