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PangeaGo Tutorial


PangeaGO is mobile application for field journalists having access to CMS. Application login credentials are same as for CMS. It can be used to Upload content such audio / video / images or text and also for live broadcasting using Pangea TV.


Requires iOS 7.0.0 or higher. Can be downloaded from Appstore


Requires Android 4.0.1 or higher and Can be downloaded from Google play. Download links and this guide can be also found in CMS PangeaGO tab.

Using PGO application

First you will be prompted to login with CMS username and password. Make sure to select correct entity (RFE / VOA / MBN / OCB). On next screen select service if you have more than one assigned. Next main menu screen will display all available actions. Live Streaming is enabled only if you have current TV show assigned. Else it will appear grayed out. ​


First select Videos option from main menu. You will be taken to Videos page where all videos are listed. Either taken via PGO or device camera. Here you have also option to take a new video by hitting + icon on top right corner. Or you can upload already existing video. Just mark the video by clicking on its image and hit > arrow icon in top right menu. Next you will be prompted to fill title and description. Once done hit upload icon in top right corner.
Uploaded video will appear directly in CMS > Search > Multimedia > Video.


Select Photos form main menu. That will take you to Photos page listing of all images. Here you can take new photo or mark several images for upload at once. Even images already uploaded or in draft. Please beware images uploaded in bulk will share same tittle and description. Uploaded photos will appear directly in CMS > Search > Multimedia > Graphic.


After selecting Audios on main menu you will be taken to the list of all audios. File icon vary for uploaded in draft and just taken audios. Here you can also record new audio by hitting + icon. We also support pausing and resuming the audio recording within on file. You can upload file of any status just select file you would like to upload > fill title and description and hit uplaod icon. You have also option to replay the audio prior uploading. Just hit play icon. Uploaded audios will appear in CMS > Search > Multimedia > Audio Clip.


Select Articles form main menu. You will be taken to the list of articles both uploaded and in draft. To start writing new article hit + icon. Please beware all articles you start to type are autosaved when you hit back or return button. And will become a draft unless you upload them by hitting upload icon. Uploaded articles will appear in CMS > Search > Content > Article.

Live broadcasting

Hit live streaming in main menu > select show if you have more shows. To start streaming hit green circle record button and same button to stop. If selected video quality is not optimal with your internet connection speed you will get prompted to change it to recommended one which is optional. Video / audio quality can be also adjusted in settings (right bottom icon).

There are other features available such zoomer on left site. Additional flash light for recording in dark. Reverse camera to use front or back device camera. Take snapshot also during live streaming without stopping recording. In settings you can also turn on/off stream speed meter.

To enable Live streaming: TV show has to be created in CMS and you have to be assigned to this show as Live input user in current local time.

Set TV Show in Video Scheduler

CMS > Scheduler > Video Scheduler > Mouse over current day and time Add > Select Single live input if you plan to have just one broadcast input and want to have the video automatically saved in CMS afterwards. If you need more than one broadcast input go for multiple input > Fill mandatory fields: Time according to local time, Title, Add Show managers, Fill the zone. If you do not see Video Scheduler please submit Request and we set it up for you.

Add Live Input User(s)

Hit Add Live Input button > Select Live Stream - Pangea User in drop down menu > Fill mandatory Tittle and Select user > Hit Add Button > Repeat if you need to add more users > Save the TV show.

For more detailed information please visit Pangea TV guide.

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