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Google News App and Google News Producer

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Google News App is a news aggregator application for mobile and tablet users, the biggest advantage of which is AI-based technology and its personalization capabilities. Users can find personalized content in the For you tab or un-tailored trending news in the Headlines tab, as well as mark and save their favorite articles/ publishers to the Favourites tab or search for a particular source/topic in the tab called Newsstand.

Every news publisher can customize his profile using Google News Producer.

Google News Producer

* December 10th merged to "Google News Publisher Center (more information coming soon)

Google News Producer is a production tool where publishers can sign up for the business terms and license their content in the Google News App. It gives publishers more control and an ability to decide how their content appears in Google News App. Google News Producer allows them to set up navigation, logo and even modify the article layout, design, and colors.

Signing up through Producer is not required for the Google News Inclusion, but it does provide benefits for publishers.

Please note, that ranking of news content in Google News is determined by automated systems and has nothing to do with the business terms Google has with news publishers.

How to set up a site in Google News Producer

If you do not have access to the Google News Producer, please ask Pangea Team to grant you the access.

Once you have the access, please review the already created list of Editions:

If you do not see your site in the Edition list, click on Create new edition and follow the steps below:

  • Write Edition name which will be visible to readers of your edition, use the brand/ service name in site language;
  • Add the RSS feed for Google News to your Edition (please, create a request or contact directly our Pangea Customer Care Team);
  • Pick up the category for your edition (most of RFE sites use News and politics);
  • Create and place a short description of your site (edition) using keywords;
  • Specify domain URL of your site without www and https;
  • Add a cover image, logo for black and light backgrounder (please work with Pangea Design team), the logo should have at least 800 px and should be square;
  • Set up Google Analytics (contact Pangea Customer Team or create a ticket);
  • Build sections that are used in navigation in Google News for your edition (site);
  • Insert a YouTube channel you want to promote and where you deliver news and stories;
  • When you are ready, set up a publication date to publish your edition.

If there has been already created the edition for your site, review all data and update them if necessary:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pangea Customer Care Team (for RFE only).

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