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Embedding a map

This article explains how to embed a map showing a specific location into a content page in Pangea CMS. You can see an example of an embedded map below:

A map of Aberystwyth, Wales
A map of Aberystwyth, Wales

You can embed a map on any text-based content page in Pangea CMS. This includes articles, feature stories, and other content types available via New > Content in the top menu.

NOTE: The screenshots in this article show the Article edit screen. However, the steps also apply for other text-based content.

What's inside this article:

Embed a map

Follow these steps:

  1. Position the cursor where you want to embed the map.
  2. Click the Insert Embed Content icon.
  3. Select Map.
  4. In the Search location text box, enter the name of the location you want to display on the map. Click the Search icon to view a list of the matching results.
  5. Select the location you want to display. The location appears on the Map.
  6. In the Label text box, optionally enter a label that is displayed below the map on the public website.
  7. The map pin is displayed by default. If you do not want to display the pin, untick the box next to Display map pin.
  8. The following additional options are available for adjusting the view that is displayed on the map:
    • Zoom in and zoom out using the + (plus) and - (minus) icons.
    • Click and drag the map to show a different area. To ensure that the pin moves with you, untick the box next to Lock map pin. Keep this option ticked if you want the pin to remain in its original postion.
  9. Click Insert map.

The map is now embedded in the page content.

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