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Audio Scheduler and Broadcast Program Edit (CMS 8)

Scheduler - Audio tube view in CMS 8


Pangea Audio Scheduler allows to setup broadcast time table, to display it on website and to record broadcast programs. Users can view the broadcast schedule, listen to current or archived programs and even download them, if allowed. There is also a possibility to set up repetitive broadcast programs for the week.

In this guide, we will walk through the audio scheduler view and scheduler updates, audio broadcast program creation and edit, feature creation and repeats creation, and template week creation.

Table of Contents

Navigating to Scheduler

In order to get to Audio Scheduler, click on Scheduler > Scheduler.

If there are several audio and TV tubes available on the site, select the one you would like to work with (in our case – audio tube).

In order to select a day, use the calendar, located on the left panel. By default, the first day in the calendar is always the actual day. Day, manually selected by you, will be highlighted with blue circle (on the screenshot below – Friday 25th) and the selected day will then come first in the Scheduler.

Adjust scheduler's interface according to your needs by using the checkboxes on the left panel:

  • Show Deleted – makes deleted shows appear in the scheduler's interface
  • Has Features(s) – distinguishes the programs that have features in the Scheduler
  • Has Repeat(s) – distinguishes the programs that have repeats and all repeats in the Scheduler

As you can see, 24 hours day in the scheduler is split into 48 intervals of 30 minutes each. In order to create a new one-time broadcast program, select necessary time and hit that interval.

If you would like to create broadcast program that will repeat weekly at the same time and day, use Template Week (Scheduler > Template Week).

In order to edit the program, repeat or feature, click on it and choose Edit.

In the next chapter we will take a closer look at the program creation/edit.

Broadcast Program Creation

In order to create a new one-time broadcast, select the area in the Scheduler and click on it > choose Add New Broadcast.

In the panel on the left side of the screen you will see the schedule for the selected day, which will help you to avoid any conflicts while creating a show. Please note, that due to the responsive design and depending on your screen size this panel might be either visible or hidden.

Pay attention to the Status of your program. Only Published audio programs will be visible on the site. If the status of the program is Draft, the program will not go live at the starting time.

Next step is to fill in all mandatory fields: Date, Start time, End time, Title and Categories.

IMPORTANT! The Start time can be changed up to 5 minutes before the start, in order to avoid distortions during broadcasting. If you will try to change the title within these 5 minutes, the system will send you a warning message.

If the new program is conflicting with an existing program, there will be an error message "Your program conflicts with an existing one. Please change the time."​

Other settings are optional:

Description – additional information about the program.

Main Image – allows to select an individual image for the program. If you will not select picture for your audio show, the default picture will be pulled from the Zone.

Authors – allows to add authors of the program.

Share on Direct – available options for USAGM Direct are Follow Zone Setup, Send to Direct, Do not allow for Direct.

There are also 2 checkboxes:

Hide download links – when checked, download links for this Broadcast Program will be hidden everywhere on frontend site.

Record – when checked, the program will be recorded and afterwards the audio file will be available for further processing/publishing.

Recorded files can be found in the Files tab.

IMPORTANT! The date, time, and "Record" checkbox cannot be changed during the broadcasting.

Program Feature Creation

Feature is small audio clip which is a part of the recorded broadcast program. Feature can be added after the program has been broadcasted, in order to separate smaller but significant audio clip from the whole program.

In order to create Feature click on Add Feature button in Feature tab.

Mandatory fields for the Feature are: Title, Start, End. Field Category is automatically prefilled with the Category of the broadcast program.

Feature can be played individually, attached to an article or can be used in a widget.

Feature can be saved as Draft or as Published, depending on your needs. Also, don't forget to check the checkbox Record if you want for the file to be available in the CMS after the program ends.

Program Repeat Creation

Adding Repeat to the original program will create copy of the original program with a different start time and date if needed. The original program will be replayed. Programs you add as repeats should be copies of originals.

To create program repeat click the Add Repeat button on Repeat tab.

Template Week

On main navigation menu click on Scheduler > Template Week.

This allows you to create Broadcast Program that will repeat on weekly basis at same hour and same day of the week. The time table is very similar to Audio Scheduler except there is no calendar only week template.

Original programs are purple. Repeats are green. Deleted are red and Features are blue. To display, for example, broadcast programs with features check Has Feature(s) checkbox.

After you added or edited programs you need to save changes in template by hitting Update Schedule button.

After hitting Update Schedule button modal window will open where you can select desired time frame for your program.

Template week is being used for automatic update of the Scheduler and it works in a way, that every day it updates one day, but in two weeks. For example, on Thursday night, 1st of October, the Sheduler will update Thursday, 15th of October, meaning that the system will clone the same day but in two weeks. This means that the Scheduler will be automatically prefilled with the programs, added to the Template week.

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