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Trends tool is a practical tool within Pangea CMS which was created for journalists and editors in order to provide them with a simple overview of trends across all content on their site. It was designed to be interacted with on a daily basis without any need for deep analysis knowledge.

This tool allows users to pinpoint trends for specific content or timeline. This information should help each editor to get a better insight into the “popularity” of their content and how the editorial changes affect trending movement. Such information might be the foundation for identifying best practices from the editorial point of view which might lead to better standards across all services and entities and delivering news to the public in a more effective way.

Navigation to Trends

In order to start following trends, open Trends tab in Pangea CMS.

Scroll down to the Search bar (it is possible to search by content title, keywords and content type), find items you want to follow and add them to the watchlist by clicking on the heart button in the column Actions.

After you have chosen the items, in the Graph part choose Timeline Range (15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year) and Chart Type: Trending (How is your content trending with total views?) or Referrers (How did people find this?).

By pressing on Toggle filter button, you will see additional settings such as Data Density.

There is also a possibility to print a chart or download it in a format of your convenience (PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG) by pressing on the Chart context menu.

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