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Distribution Profiles

Distribution Profiles are used to create an automated distribution of content to various social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Unlike automated streaming, which ensures that the multimedia is shared while it's being streamed or recorded, a distribution profile ensures that the multimedia file is shared to social media once it has been recorded.

This works on the level of Zones. Once a Distribution Profile is assigned to a specific Zone, all multimedia in that zone, which are also present in the Scheduler, will be shared to the social media as defined in the set up of the Distribution Profile.

How to set up a distribution profile:

1) Go to Pangea CMS => Administration => Content Distribution => Distribution Profiles.

2) Click New Distribution Profile or you can see all of the existing Distribution Profiles. Through action icons you can either Edit them or Delete them.

3) Once inside, please fill in the name of the account and select, which Distribution Accounts should be used by the Profile. Selecting Distribution Accounts will mean which social media (and which accounts on social media) the content gets distributed to.
These are the same accounts as the ones used for streaming. If your service doesn't have the one connected to social media you wish to share to, it is necessary to contact Pangea Customer Care.

Optional - it is also possible to select Playlists to which the given content (audio clip, video, etc.) could be added.
Please be aware, that every such media content from the given zone, that is set up in the scheduler, will be added to the playlist.

Once you have successfully set up the desired Distribution profile, you can go into the zone or zones where you would like this Profile to be applied. In the Zone editing page, simply select the Profile you wish to apply and hit Save. It can be found in the Program Settings part of the page.

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