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Automatic + Manual Live Streaming to YouTube & Facebook

Live streaming is an online streaming of media that allows users to broadcast live video content using a camera and a computer through the Internet, and viewers are able to play the content via the web, iOS and Android apps and platforms.

Livestream provides a completely integrated end-to-end live video solution for all Pangea users.

This guide describes how to setup the live streaming from Pangea CMS to a YouTube channel as well as to a Facebook page.

  1. Getting started with Live streaming through Pangea CMS Video Scheduler
  2. Adding show to TV Schedule
  3. Set show properties
  4. Set Template Week
  5. Manual Streaming

n order to be able to set up an automatic live streaming to YouTube or Facebook, it is necessary to set up API for the given platforms. In order to gain necessary tokens and finish the set up YouTube API as well as Facebook API, please contact Pangea Customer Care, who will assist you with this process.

1. Getting started with Live streaming through Pangea CMS Video Scheduler

Start by clicking on Scheduler -> then choose Video Scheduler.
If you do not see this option in your menu please send us request as you might not have sufficient rights to be able to use this functionality.

Please, use Template Week to create the shows that are repeat every week.

Also upon request we will configure PangeaTV tube on your service site in order to enable Live streaming possibility for you and your Service.

2. Adding show to TV Schedule

On TV Schedule page first make sure you have correct tube selected from drop down menu. In order for automated streaming to work, this tube has to be set up correctly by Pangea Streaming team. Please contact Pangea Customer Care for further assistance with this.

This option works for Services that have multiple tubes enabled for them:

You can switch between Hourly or Program based view for your convenience:

Use arrows or select date in the calendar to move to required day:

Once you decide about broadcasting hour, mouse over the table until you see blue highlighted Add option field in selected hour. Click on the Add link:

Shows can be created only in the future. Past time fields are grayed out and could not be modified except the shows that happened in the past - minor changes (title, description, zone etc., but not the time and date).

Please note: Time is defined according to the Local UTC time which you can see above calendar.

3. Set show properties

After clicking Add, you get to Show Edit page where you can set:

  1. Title and Description of the show;
  2. Zone - dedicated zone for this show and also multiple zone selection is possible;
  3. Broadcasting Time, Date and duration according to Local Time;
  4. Hide from Site - if checked show will not appear automatically on website;
  5. Record - Pangea will attempt to record this show;
  6. Record as - first you need to check Record checkbox than you can select status type or recorded show;
  7. Youtube Broadcast - select if you wish to share this stream automatically to Youtube. Please Note, that the Youtube Distribution Account settings should be set properly as well as you will be choosing the appropriate Distribution Account from the drop-down menu.
  8. Facebook Broadcast - select if you wish to share this stream automatically to Facebook. Please Note, that the Facebook Distribution Account settings should be set properly as well as you will be choosing the appropriate Distribution Account from the drop-down menu.
  9. Image - select image for your show

Once you have all of this information set up, hit Save button and in the automated streaming, the rest of the work is done automatically through Pangea CMS Scheduler.

4. Set Template Week

Setting template week is almost the same as creating new show. Except the timetable consists of weekdays only starting with Monday. And Instead of Date you select particular week day. You would only use Template Week if you expect your show to repeat same day and hour every week. When you are done hit Update Schedule From Template button. You will be prompted to select Starting and Ending Day from calendar. Confirm by Update button.
Timetable is updated and repetitions of your show in the future are created.

Please note: the shows are set only by 2 weeks period, and once being set they are constantly repeating and, for example, when Monday ends it creates the show on Monday in 2 weeks time.

Manual Streaming

In unique circumstances, such as special events, it is possible for shows to be streamed manually to social media.

This means that no set up through Pangea CMS Scheduler is necessary for the stream to appear on YouTube or Facebook.

In order to do this, the Service must create a ticket in the Jira portal: and send an email to The email must include the source (tvmcxx), the output (Youtube and/or Facebook), streaming date and time and finally a one-line description of what the event is.

It is the Services' responsibility to enter the Title and Description into Facebook and Youtube. Please see link on how to create stream keys for Youtube and Facebook. If you need further assistance with key creation, please contact Pangea Customer Care.

For both YouTube and Facebook manual streaming, it is necessary to send the stream keys 30 minutes before the event starts, to and it preferable to give Pangea Customer Care, as much notice as possible.

Manual Streaming to YouTube

In order to manually stream to YouTube, it is necessary to provide Pangea Team with Stream Key/Name. To get to this information, log in to your YouTube account and click on the "Create a video or post" button in the top right corner (the little camera icon) and then click on Go Live.

You will be taken to YouTube Studio Beta. There, select "New Stream". On the next page, make sure you fill out the Title of your streaming event (you can also fill in the description.​

On the next screen you will see a row which says "Stream Name/Key" and a "Copy" button next to it. Please copy the Stream Key and post it in the email to Pangea's Streaming team.

This key needs to be forwarded to Pangea team before the stream can start, in order for the stream to be properly set up.

Our Streaming team will input the Stream Key into the Encoder which will allow image to appear in the background of the console. Once you can see the image you wish to stream (at the time you wish the start the stream), simply click on the Go Live button to start streaming.​

Manual Streaming to Facebook

In order to manually stream to Facebook, it is necessary to provide Pangea Team with Stream Key. To get to this information, log in to your Facebook Page account and click on “Videos” from the left-side menu.

In the All Videos section, click on Video Library.

Once you are in the Video Library, click on +Live button

After clicking on the +Live button a Create live video console will appear.
Here Facebook will generate a stream key for you.

This key needs to be forwarded to the team. The Streaming team will then start the stream on the encoder. Once the image appears, you can click on Go Live, whenever you wish to start streaming.

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