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Broadcasting pages

Since Release 7.17 we are bringing the content from Waves, Satellite, Schedule, Programs to a new page called the Broadcasting page. It is a very useful page for our watchers and listeners in the countries where there are certain problems with broadcasting are presented (physical broadcasting not available in that area and only satellites' broadcasting is being used).

This page aggregates all information regarding broadcasting in specific areas, at specific times and frequencies for tuning the radios, making it easier for users to find information.

Also there are given satellite specifications for tuning in with audio parameters and frequencies etc., as well as an Affiliate tab which contains information about our affiliates/partners. Users can choose affiliates by location (country/city), and easily get Affiliate name and the place, tuning frequency, broadcasting days and times.

Administrators are also able to change order of tabs by the very first key listed in the following table:

Name of the KeyDefault ValueTypeOptional ValuesExplanation of the key/Hint


Schedule|ProgramsUISetSchedule|Programs|Waves|SatelliteDefine tabs for tv broadcasting page. Key defines tabs order and tabs visibility separated by |


FALSEUISetTRUEEnables redirection from schedule page to broadcasting schedule tab


FALSEUISetTRUEEnables redirection from programs page to broadcasting programs tab


ScheduleLangSetLocalized valueText for schedule tab on broadcasting page.


ProgramsLangSetLocalized valueText for schedule tab on broadcasting page.

It would look like this on the Radio / Schedule page:

On the Sites by Region / All RFE/RL page there are links to Radio / TV pages from where there is possible to go to broadcasting waves / satellite pages:

RFE FE English - Sites by region
RFE FE English - Sites by region

Due to adding more paths for our audience we also added shortcuts into All site list. In this list you can newly find Radio / TV links which are showing automatically based on primary config key for enabling the navigation menu Radio / TV. But we noticed that it might happen that some services do not want to promote broadcasting on All site list. In such a case that service can hide this offer on site through the following config keys.

Name of the KeyDefault ValueTypeOptional ValuesExplanation of the key/Hint


TRUEUISetFALSEEnables broadcasting radio text and link on all sites page.


TRUEUISetFALSEEnables broadcasting tv text and link on all sites page.

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