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Content Distribution: How to setup Dailymotion API access token.


The Purpose of this document is to describe how to obtain access token for Dailymotion and how to connect it with Pangea CMS.

Dailymotion Setup

Login into your account and go to settings

Under settings, on the left navigation look for Advance Settings / API Keys

Click on the button create new API Key

Fill the form:

  • Application Name: could be any name, one suggestion is to use the name of the service
  • Application Description: not mandatory field, can be left empty
  • Application website: the URL of your site like:
  • Callback URL: the url of your site with a callback tail example:
  • Application Icon: Leave as it is
  • Click Create API key

Keep this page open or copy paste the info provided, you will need to introduce the info of this page into pangea

Page Setup

In Pangea CMS go to Administration/Content Distribution/Dailymotion access token

Here you will copy the information provided by Dailymotion to Pangea CMS.

Once you finished click Generate Authorization URL

A Dailymotion modal screen will display, click Accept button

Then you need to:

  1. click on the link from Pangea to obtain Authorization code, a new window will open
  2. Copy the code from the new window and add it to the field Authorization code
  3. Click Refresh Token button
  4. A token will be generated under the Refresh Token field
  5. keep this CMS page open you will need the information from this page to set up the content distribution account

Open CMS in a new tab and navigate to Administration/Distribution Account

Click New Distribution Account

From Pulldown Select Dailymotion

Remember the other CMS page that we ask you to keep open, well now we will use that page.

Copy the information from the CMS Page Dailymotion API content to this page,

  • replace the ### with the correct information
  • For Channel news, please keep it as it is

Publishing Content to Dailymotion

Now you Dailymotion account is connected to Pangea, ready to upload videos to Dailymotion account


There are limitation set by Dailymotions for uploading videos:

  • 4 videos per hour
  • 2 hours of videos (total) per day
  • 60 minutes per video
  • 2 GB per video

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