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SEO setup in Pangea CMS




Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine's (like Google, Bing, etc.) unpaid results.

When relevant search terms are typed in these fields the search engines are guiding users to your pages better. So it is possible to increase the number of visitors to the web page from the Search webs.

Every Search Engine has its own methods of working with the data and information, and there are different methods for working with that, but by putting a correct and precise text and description helps to find the web pages by the end users better and thus increasing the number of visitors to the web site.

Pangea CMS setup

In order to make a setup of your SEO in CMS tool please click on the Settings and choose SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here you would be able to adjust your SEO settings through Configuration Keys editing.

Please remove any Localized Value by clicking on Remove localized value button first. Then you can set up a new Value and click on Save Changes button.

Please don’t forget to Reload Site afterwards.

Metadata entering in CMS

The Search Engine Optimization is also done by putting a correct text into a Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords fields when setting Zones and Settings in CMS tool.

For example, for updating Metadata for Sections, click onto Sections, then Sections, then selecting a necessary Section, click on Settings, and on the bottom of the page there are fields containing Metadata information:

For example, for updating Metadata for Zones, please click onto Settings, go to Zones and select necessary Zone. Go to the bottom of the page and update the Metadata fields.

On the frontend it would then appear properly and the search results show your web site on top of the list:

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