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Live streaming and Pangea Video Scheduler

video scheduler and live

Live streaming is an online streaming of media that allows users to broadcast live video content using a camera and a computer through the Internet, and viewers are able to play the content via the web, iOS and Android apps and platforms.

Livestream provides a completely integrated end-to-end live video solution for all Pangea users.

PANGEA livestreaming is presented by a Pangea TV. It allows users to create and publish live video content. Using archived videos or audios / inputs from external live stream / User inputs via web camera or PangeaGO / existing live channels in CMS / Publishing tools such Tricaster etc.

You can create recordable single input show or manageable multiple input show.

To display your show on site please use Pangea TV widget or Embedded code iframe.

1. Getting started with Live streaming through Pangea CMS Video Scheduler

Start by clicking on Scheduler -> then choose Video Scheduler.
If you do not see this option in your menu please send us request as you might not have sufficient rights to be able to use this functionality.

Please, use Template Week to create the shows that are repeat every week.

Also upon request we will configure PangeaTV tube on your service site in order to enable Live streaming possibility for you and your Service.

2. Adding show to TV Schedule

On TV Schedule page first make sure you have correct tube selected from drop down menu. This option works for Services that have multiple tubes enabled for them:

You can switch between Hourly or Program based view for your convenience:

Use arrows or select date in the calendar to move to required day:

Once you decide about broadcasting hour, mouse over the table until you see blue highlighted Add option field in selected hour. Click on the Add link:

Shows can be created only in the future. Past time fields are grayed out and could not be modified except the shows that happened in the past - minor changes (title, description, zone etc., but not the time and date).

Please note: Time is defined according to UTC time which you can see above calendar.

3. PangeaTV Show types

There are two PangeaTV Show types:Single Live input and Multiple Inputs
To start you need to select one of these options. For more information about each of them mouse over the ? icon.

Chose show type: Single Live input show or Multiple inputs show.

  • Single Live Input show gets recorded and you can use it also on mobile devices. The show could be recorded in CMS and may be available on the Web site.
  • Multiple Inputs show allows you to have several various inputs and requires Show Manager. With Multiple inputs you can mix prerecorded and live content using PangeaTV Manager. Show publishes on the Web site and cannot be recorded in CMS.

4. Set show properties

Once you select show type you get to Show Edit page where you can set:

  1. Title and Description of the show;
  2. Zone - dedicated zone for this show and also multiple zone selection is possible;
  3. Broadcasting Time, Date and duration according to Local Time;
  4. Hide from Site - if checked show will not appear automatically on website;
  5. Record - Pangea will attempt to record this show;
  6. Record as - first you need to check Record checkbox than you can select status type or recorded show;
  7. Youtube Broadcast - select if you wish to share this stream automatically to Youtube. Please Note, that the Youtube settings should be set properly as well. Please check Youtube Streaming or Facebook Live and on-demand videos via Pangea articles for more information.
  8. Show Manager(s) in case you have multiple Managers and Inputs for this show - by choosing and adding the Pangea users you give them the rights to Manage the show.
  9. Image - select image for your show
  10. To define Live input hit the Add Live Input button on right bottom corner.

5. Add Live Input(s)

First you need to select input type from drop down menu:

  • Live Stream - Fixed Pangea Stream = select if you use third party publishing tool to broadcast to Pangea such Tricaster, Wirecast or FMLE.
  • Live Stream - Pangea User = streaming will be associated with specific Pangea User who can publish via Pangea Flash Publisher or PangeaGO.
  • External Stream - From existing channel = use to republish stream that is already live on one of the existing channels available in Pangea.
  • External Stream - Manual Entry = use to republish RTMP stream live somewhere on the web. Server and Stream name info is required.​

Based on your selection you will be prompted to enter further information. Select Stream / User / Channel or specify stream and server name.
Title is mandatory. You can also add Image and specify Stream Type
if other then video. When done hit Add button. If you have selected multiple show type you can add more live inputs and also modify their order.
In case of single show you have to delete or modify existing input.

6. Add Videos to Playlist (only for Multiple Inputs)

When selecting Multiple inputs you can also broadcast Pangea videos from archive.

  • Switch to Playlist tab.
  • Select either video or audio in Content Type field > Define search criteria such Date and Search place > Hit Search button > Hit Green arrow icon next to multimedia you would like to use.

Once you have all items hit Save button.

7. Set Template Week

Setting template week is almost the same as creating new show. Except the timetable consists of weekdays only starting with Monday. And Instead of Date you select particular week day. You would only use Template Week if you expect your show to repeat same day and hour every week. When you are done hit Update Schedule From Template button. You will be prompted to select Starting and Ending Day from calendar. Confirm by Update button.
Timetable is updated and repetitions of your show in the future are created.

Please note: the shows are set only by 2 weeks period, and once being set they are constantly repeating and, for example, when Monday ends it creates the show on Monday in 2 weeks time.

8. Publishing PangeaTV content

There are two ways how to display PangeaTV video stream on website:
using Pangea TV Widget or Embedded code iframe.

Edit or create Pangea TV widget > Make sure proper channel or tube is selected form the list.​

For example select Tube From list of the available tubes > for this you hit Add button. Search for appropriate tube and add it. Than Save.

You can add image in Streaming Properties. This image will display before start and after live streaming finish but only if option after pressing play button is checked. You can decide which way live video will be played on web site either on click or automatically when user access the page. And restrict publishing day and time when the entire widget will be displayed.

Embedded code

Another way how to share PangeaTV is by using the embed codes. These codes can be found on the channel (aka tube) editing page (Settings -> Live Streaming -> Tubes -> There select necessary tube):

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