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Navigate to Responsive Sections

To navigate to Responsive Sections go to Sections and click on Responsive Sections. To edit existing section hit pencil icon in actions column. You can edit existing Sections through the action button Edit. In order to create new section hit New Section button.

Editing the layout

Responsive section has 3 layout options (two-, three- and four- column section). In order to edit the layouts, go to the Settings tab of the Responsive section that you wish to alter. There you can click on the Choose Template link and a pop-out window will appear where you can choose one of the Responsive design layouts.
Note: If you change the layout, all the previous content layout will be erased!

Editing Responsive Section

On edit section page you can add, edit or delete particular widget holder.
And you can also switch between main menu tabs for more setting options.

Live View Tab

Allows you to preview the content as displayed on various devices.
Desktop / Tablet / Mobile / Mobile in horizontal view. Click on icon
representing device type you would like to preview.

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