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URL Redirection

url redirection


URL redirection is used when the URL (address) of your site has changed and you want people who bookmarked the old URL (or anyone with the outdated link) to be able to access the new one. In order to get to this option, click Administration button and then URL Redirection - Responsive as is displayed in the picture below.

Please beware, if you are not an administrator, you might not have access rights to see this option.

The URL Redirection - Responsive button will take you to the screen where you can search through redirection rules that have been set up in the past, which you can edit, or delete.

You can also set up a New Redirect rule, through the screen which you can see in the following picture:

Information you will need for this is the old URL and the new URL. It should be in relative format (without the first part or URL of your site, e.g. section/central_asia/172.html instead of It must not start or end with /. Unless new value is home page in that case you can use only /. If you would like to make redirection to another site than absolute format is required including protocol http:// or https://

Import form file

In case you have plenty of URLs to be redirected, you can simply upload a file that has the relevant information in an acceptable format, instead of manually redirecting each one. The file can be any of the following: csv, xls, xlsx, xlsm and it should have 2 columns - Column 1: Old URL; Column 2: new URL Data has to be on first sheet.

Switch to Import Form File tab > Hit Choose File button and select file containing the data. In case it has explanatory header mark Do not include first row. Update the table if changes are required > hit Save button. You receive confirmation popup eventually validation error if there is a conflict.

Redirection test

There is option to test the redirection set. Go to Redirect Tester tab > type or paste the old URL in Old URL to test field > hit Test button. New (destination) URL field will be populated with new URL of redirection.​

Multiple Toggle Sites (3 sites)

For websites serving content in more than one language we developed, similarly as on the desktop version, toggle site buttons. The toggle button could be a link to another site, to a section within the site or link to a page. All already created links to a desktop or another already created links should be replaced by this feature. If you want to add any link (toggle button) to another site or a page, please contact our support team, they will help you with configuration. Toggle buttons are in 2 formats, for big screen we display abbreviations and for small screens (as mobile) long names are shown up.

Migrating to full HTTPS support

We have started the process of migrating all Pangea CMS to the secure HTTP - HTTPS. The U.S. government is mandating the use of HTTPS, but it is a step forward in terms of improving security and SEO of the sites. We are starting on the login / password reset page and user management screens.

Migration of the front-end web-sites to HTTPS is our next logical step.

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