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Customize Top News Widget – 0:10 || How to Customize the Multimedia Belt – 2:20 || Managing the Content Feeds in the App through Pangea – 3:25 || Setting up Breaking News Push Notification Feeds – 5:15 || Setting Up Push Notifications – 7:30 || Managing UGC – 9:15 || Using Proxy with Android – 11:55 || Setting up the Promo Banner – 12:30


Users of a smartphone can install News application from Google Play or App Store. The application supports reading the news watching videos or listening to live radio. Content can be also stored offline for later access. There is also a possibility to share articles via social media or upload User Generated Content in CMS. The App can be installed from below links:

Top News is the main zone which can be set up in from Top Story widget. Followed by Multimedia section and then selected Zones of your choice. Upload icon can be found in the top right corner leading to the Upload page. When Breaking News is send it shows in application on the top highlighted in the red stripe.

How to setup TopStory

All you need to do is to open any widget for editing and in the widget settings tab check the Mobile app top story checkbox. The widget content will be used in the mobile app's top story section.

The checkbox can be set for one widget only. When you check the checkbox in a new widget, it will be automatically unchecked in a previous widget.

How to make sure Zone is listed

You can also control which Zones are displayed as feed for mobile application. Simply by marking checkbox Enable for mobile apps
on the Edit Zone page. Zones that are not checked will not be displayed.

How to retrieve content sent by users

All content (image/video/audio/text) uploaded by users of mobile application can be found in CMS > Search > UGC Review. If you would like to make this content available for use edit it and hit Approve button. Then you will find it in CMS > Search > Multimedia. If you would like to receive e-mail notification when users upload content put your e-mail address in configuration key UGC.Email.ModeratorEmail If you are Administrator go to: CMS > Administration > System configuration. Or send us Request

How to send push notification

You can select any article as Breaking News and it will display to users as Push notification on their device. We now support also Placeholder that can contain any information not only article. CMS > Sections > Breaking news / Push notification > search for article and attach or add palceholder.
Please note Push notification widget can contain only one item while Breaking news widget can have more items and expiration time can be set.

For more detailed information please refer to: News apps guide.

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