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PangeaGO: Live Video Anywhere, Instantly From a Mobile Device

PangeaGO is and instant reporting tool in the pocket.
Our newest product, the PangeaGO mobile app, enables journalists on location to send live video broadcasts via a mobile device.

PangeaGO instantly connects the reporter on the ground with PangeaTV’s Show Manager interface in Pangea. The live video from the reporter is received and is published in real time to viewers all around the world.

It is an instant reporting tool in the pocket, without the expense or setup that is necessary for conventional live TV broadcasting. Another advantage over conventional broadcasting is it's size. A camera crew can attract attention, which may limit accessibility and more importantly place staff in danger. PangeaGO allows discretion for the journalist so they can safely get closer to the core of events.

Moving forward, the RFE/RL Internet Team will continue to improve the application to become a complete journalist field tool – including video and audio cutting, breaking news, field live blogging and video/audio report packaging. The potential is limitless.

PangeaGO supports Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • iOS version can be downloaded from AppStore;
  • Android version can be downloaded directly from Pangea.