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You Might Also Like Widget


You Might Also Like (YMAL) Widget is displayed below article that belongs to zone defined in widget. Purpose of this widget is to suggest similar articles or other content that users might be interested in.

YMAL Widget Page

​To open YMAL Widget go to Sections > You Might Also Like Widgets.
To create new YMAL Widget hit New You Might Also Like Widget button.​
Here you can search widget based on zone and also Edit and Delete.​

Create new YMAL widget

On Settings tab fill Widget Name it will not be visible to users. Click on Widget Disabled button if you want to hide the widget from public. Check Content Tab Enabled or Audio Tab Enabled if you want configured content on those tabs to show on public. Mark all zones where you want your YMAL widget to be displayed. Hit Edit Widget Style link and select preferred layout for your widget. Switch to Audio / Content tab for more configuration.

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