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Live Blog / Live Event Creation

Live blog


Live Blog helps to cover live events using Pangea and related Twitter accounts in form of dynamic web blog. Every blog entry can contain items stored in Pangea database (images, videos, audio etc.) or Twitter tweets which can contain images and URLs. It is also possible to add live streaming event as main topic at the top. Live blog content is designed to work with live blog widget. All content is also available on mobile site. ​

Live Event

Connects Pangea TV with live blog to present events in more interactive way. You can link any current or upcoming Live show into your live blog. It will display as main large video at the top of live blog. In Pangea TV you can also set image for this live stream that will appear before and after the actual streaming. If the tv show is single input the video will be archived.

Navigating to Live Blog Creation Page

The path is CMS > New > Content > Live blog
General options such as Title, Description, Primary Zone etc,
are described in Pangea Article Content Guide.
If you would like to allow comments make sure the option is marked.

Live Blog Options - Add live stream

To add TV stream to your liveblog creating live event hit add button in Live Show - Pangea TV field > Search for particular stream and add it.

Live Blog Options - Broadcasting Period

This feature allows users to specify blog activity for a particular time period. Pangea will only publish those blog entries which were added in the requested time period. Which can be further specified by particular time zone if you require other than your site time zone. You can check your current and UTC time at top of the article.

Live Streaming in LiveBlog

To add a live event TV coverage to your Live Blog, a TV shows needs to be set up in your Video Scheduler. This show can be then attached to Live Blog via the "Add Live Show" functionality. When the show is live, the main image will be replaced automatically with the player streaming the show. After the live TV coverage is over, the main image will be put back on the top of the page – automatically as well.

Live Blog Options - Timestamp

Timestamp allows users to include timestamp next to each blog entry.
The following image illustrates usability between CMS and front-end site.

Creating and Editing Blog Entries

You can start creating or editing blog entries directly from search page once you find out your blog article. Or from the very bottom of the live blog article once you open it. Editing gives you option to delete / edit / review history and feature each blog entry. Featured item will be marked on front end as featured and listed at the top. To get all latest feeds from related tweeter account hit Update From Twitter button.

Twitter Feed

You can connect your service Twitter account with liveblog and decide which twitter entries will be added to the liveblog. Just add your Nick name without @ sign and Hash Tag without # from your Twitter account to liveblog. Any twitter entry from your account having specified hash tag will be displayed on your liveblog. You can have more users and also more tags separated by , semicolon. In case you have more tags all tags have to be part of the Twitter entry. You can also specify time and date span including future dates and only Tweets within this range will be displayed.

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