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User is a person who is authorized to use the application or who consumes the content on our web sites. We distinguish these categories of users:​ Pangea Users (all Pangea CMS users​) and Membership Users (all web site users). This tutorial is about managing the Pangea users, for the Membership users tutorial click here.

Getting Started

To open the User management page, you start by clicking the Administration button. Then click the User Management button and continue by selecting the Manage Users option.

User Administration - Navigation
User Administration - Navigation

As you can see in the following picture, this page displays the list of Pangea users including their: User Name, First Name, Last Name, User Group (name of the group the user has been assigned to), Domain Name (name of the domain the user has been assigned to – for users with AD authentication only), Domain User Name (for users with AD authentication only) and the indication whether the account is Locked.

Administration - User Search
Administration - User Search

To adjust the particular user you can use one of the Action buttons:

History - displays the history of content created or modified by this user
User Login & Password Log - displays log of login and password actions by this user
Reset Password - resets the user's password.
Revalidate email - generates and sends an email to the address listed under the user with a link to validate the email.
Reset Security Question - resets the user's security to an empty question.
Edit - redirects to a new screen for editing the user.
Delete - deletes the user.

To create a new user you start by clicking the New User button (highlighted in red in the previous picture). As you can see in the following picture, we distinguish between two groups of users: Pangea users and AD users.

Pangea User
This option allows you to attach an image (User Picture) and fill in the user’s First name, Last Name and User Name. The user can be also assigned to a User Group (optional).
Once you fill in the user’s E-mail, you will automatically get a second box titled Re-Type Email. Email has to be typed in manually and cannot be simply pasted.
You can then set the Status of the account (either Active or Locked) and a New Password. You can also set the date till the Pangea user and password are valid (by ticking the Pangea user valid to box or Password valid to box).
In case the user would like to see English names for the Zones, tick the
Use English Name box.

At the bottom of this page there are four boxes where you set notifications. The user can be notified via Pangea Message, E-mail, both ways or none of them about:

  • Video and audio content uploaded by the users themselves (Multimedia Upload Status Notification)
  • Video and audio content imported to the site via Automated process (Multimedia Import Notification)
  • New multimedia content from the selected area (Multimedia Sharing Notification)
  • Finishing activity report (Report Status Notification)
  • Notification for published videos allows users to get a better overview regarding the video production of a particular site. (Video is published)

AD user
This tab allows the users with AD authentication to set the AD First Name, AD Last Name, AD email, AD User Name, AD Domain and
Active directory users (select the users from chosen AD domain).
In case the user will use the AD login (instead of Pangea login), tick the
Use only domain authentication box.

Security Question
This tab allows the users to set their security question in case they have issues with logging in.

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