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User Generated Content UGC is multimedia content provided by users of website or mobile device with NewsApp or PangeaGO mobile application. It is useful feature in the countries where there is a limitation or unavailability of our correspondents in the specific areas and by encouraging users to upload their content it is possible to gain more specific materials and establish good connection with the users.
It can be retrieved from Search > UGC Review.
It is automatically removed after 30 days if it is not approved. After Approval it is moved and available through Search > Multimedia.

Upload Multimedia from Web site

Add this extension to URL of your site: /userupload.html
For example:
It is possible to upload any multimedia type up to 200MB maximum.
Supported formats for each type of multimedia are listed in the form.

Upload Multimedia from News Application

You can install NewsApp from Google Play or App Store for each entity.
The application is open to entire public. Anybody can send any content.
On main page in top right corner hit Upload Icon > Upload page open up.
Select type of multimedia you want to upload. On next page decide if you want to create new multimedia right now or select from already captured. Once file max 200MB is selected fill Title and Description field and hit Send button.

Upload from PangeaGO Application

You can install PangeaGO from Google Play or App Store for all entities.
Only users with access to CMS will be able to login to this application.
On main page select what content type you would like to upload.
On next page select file to be uploaded or create new one by hitting Plus
icon. Hit Arrow icon to get to next page where you need to fill Tittle and Description then click on Upload icon in top right corner.

Find user generated content in CMS

All content receveid by web site or mobile applications users can be found in: Search > UGC Review. Select content type eg. UGC Graphic > Search > Edit. To use the received multimedia in CMS it has to be Approved. Please beware all content older than 30 days will be deleted unless Approved.

Approve UGC in Pangea CMS

Edit found UGC if you have appropriate rights you shall see Approve button on bottom of the page together with Permanently Delete button. Approving selected content will result in moving it to Search > Multimedia.

Set e-mail notification for UGC approver

If you have administrator rights you can set who will receive e-mail notification about all received UGC submitted to your service. In Administration > System Configuration. Search for value UGC.Email.ModeratorEmail. Edit it and insert required e-mail address value. Then hit Reload Site and CMS button.

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