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Audio Scheduler allows you to setup broadcast time table and display it on website. You can also set up repetitive Broadcast Programs in Template Week. Users can view the broadcast schedule, listen to current or archived programs and download audio files of archived broadcast programs.

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Audio Scheduler Tutorial
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Navigating to Audio Scheduler

On main navigation menu click on Scheduler > Audio Scheduler.
If you would like to create broadcast program that will repeat weekly at the same time and day click on Template Week. You will be presented with time table of already created broadcast programs. Use arrows to move in past or future. Hit available Add link to start creating new broadcast program.
To Edit existing program click on program title in time table. Mark Has Feature(s) checkbox to see which programs also contain Features.

Broadcast Program Creation

After you hit Add link on timetable at time available and convenient for you.
You need to define Title and Zone.

You can also select a picture for each audio show. Note: if you do not select picture for your audio show, the default picture would be the one selected for the Zone.

After that you should specify exact start and end time.

Than you have two checkboxes:

  • Read Only - when checked this program will not have listen and download links.
  • Hide Download Links - when checked download links for this Broadcast Program will be hidden everywhere on fronted site.

You can also add Authors.

Creating Program Features

To create Feature click the Add Feature button on Feature tab.
Feature is small audio clip - part of the recorded broadcast program.
Adding Feature is usually done after program has been broadcast.
To separate smaller but significant audio clip from the broadcast program.
So that it can be listened individually or attached to article or widget.
Just define the time span From / To out of existing broadcast program.

Creating Program Repeat

To create program repeat click the Add Repeat button on Repeat tab.
Adding Repeat to the original program will create copy of the original program with a different start time and date if needed. The original program will be replayed. Programs you add as repeats should be copies of originals.

Adding related content

Switch to Related Content tab > Specify search criteria if needed and hit Search button. Use Green arrow to add desired content. Then hit Save.

Template Week

On main navigation menu click on Scheduler > Template Week. This
allows you to create Broadcast Program that will repeat on weekly basis at same hour and same day in the week. The time table is very similar to Audio Scheduler except there is no calendar only week template. Original programs are orange. Repeats are green. Overlapping are red and Features are blue. To display broadcast programs with features check Has Feature(s) checkbox. After you added or edited programs you need to save changes in template by hitting Update Schedule From Template button.

After hitting Update Schedule From Template button modal window will open where you can select desired time frame for your program.

Replacing Broadcast Program audio clip

It is possible to replace automatically recorded audio program with another audio file that should have approximately same duration as original audio. It can vary about 10% of length. Just edit past Broadcast Program and hit Choose File button > select the audio file from your computer > Save.


To setup the Broadcast Schedule in Pangea, the following notes must be set accordingly:
• Your service must have several Radio Programs with a distinct title, description (i.e.: “News and Reports”, “Interviews”, “Youth Program”). Programs like “First Hour”, “Second Hour”, …, are not acceptable, because their names & descriptions do not tell the user anything.
Each radio program must be associated with at least one broadcast zone
Broadcast schedule must be regular on a weekly basis. For example: every Monday at a specified time, the same radio programs must be broadcast.
• The start-time and end-time of each radio program in the schedule must be exact and regular
Repeat programs must also be scheduled regularly, and they must be 100% repeats of their original programs (i.e. no changes in news, intros, promos).
Length of Latest News broadcast at a beginning of a radio programs must be exact
• If you are changing the start-time or end-time of a broadcast program, you must be aware of this fact and make the necessary change in the Scheduler before the radio program begins. Doing so will ensure that the radio program is properly recorded and displayed on the web.
Staff dedicated to managing the information in Scheduler. They will spend their time creating smaller audio clips from the full radio programs (i.e.: “Interview with the prime minister” – 9:10 to 9:25) and typing specific program descriptions into the scheduler so that the web users can find out what each radio program was about.

If your service currently does not meet some of these requirements, you may not be able to fully utilize the functionality of the Pangea Scheduler, or your users will not have the optimal experience using it. You should strive to make the necessary changes in your broadcasting process to meet these requirements, especially if a large portion of your audience listens to you online.

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