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Scheduler Clip Creation

scheduler clip


Scheduler Clip is smaller audio file cut from any broadcast records stored in Pangea database.
It can be later on used as ordinary audio file or it
can be attached to the broadcast show as Feature. Check Audio Scheduler for more information.

Scheduler Clip Page

To open Scheduler Clip click on New > Multimedia > Scheduler Clip.
After you enter your search criteria hit Search button to display results.
Hit Create Audio Clip button next to required Broadcast Program.
You can also Preview on live site or Download the Broadcast Program.

Scheduler Clip Creation

To create clip fill Title / Description / Start and End Time in minutes and seconds according to original file that you can either download or preview on front end site. Mark Save as Feature checkbox in case you would like your clip to be Feature - Part of Broadcast Program. Then hit Create Clip button.

Search for your Clip

If you did not mark your Clip as feature you can find it under Audio Clip.
Hit Expand all icon to see more information listed such Description.

If you marked your clip as feature you can find it in Broadcast Program.
Hit Expand all icon to see more information listed including your Feature.

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