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Audio Upload

Audio upload


You can uplaod audio file from your computer to CMS. Pangea supports all audio formats up to 100MB size. You can also upload audio from external web source. And trim shorter clip once audio file is uplaoded.

Video Tutorial

Audio Uploading Tutorial
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Audio Uploading Page

To upload new audio from your computer or link to source go to:
New > Multimedia > Audio Clip > Chose File > Select the file >
Switch to content tab > Fill mandatory information and hit Save button.
Once audio is uploaded you can edit it and trim it same as video.

Audio Uploading Options:

Choose File - allows you to select audio from your computer for uploading
Web Address (URL) - tab allows you to upload clip from external website
Hide Links - enables/disables downloading of audio clip on both - Desktop and Responsive website

Audio files uploaded to Pangea will not be visible in CMS and sites until ready to use. Only exception is the Main Search page in CMS, where the item will be listed with waiting status. After audio processing is finished you will be notified via system notification that audio file is ready for use.

Upload using Web Address (URL)

On upload page switch from My Computer tab to Web Address (URL) tab.
Referred URL has to have supported extension format such .mp3 e.g:

Using Distribution profile for upload

While uploading new audio to Pangea CMS you can upload it to SoundCloud as well. If you have Distribution Profile set you will see the checkbox on bottom of uploading page. Once uploaded to Sound Cloud you receive system notification. To set up your distribution profile please send us Request.

Audio Encoding

When audio is ready and encoded there are 2 quality types of files available 64 or 128 kbps. The second one is considered high quality. You can differentiate it by the _hq added the the original URL. Front end users have option to play or download the audio either in default or high quality.
If you require lower quality 32 kbps please send us Request.

RFE/RL Source

Switch to Content tab. Mark Send to RFE/RL Source checkbox if you would like to share your audio content with our affiliates (Reuters, BBC, Local TV and Radio stations). You can also mark already uploaded content . The checkbox is unchecked by default.

Audio pop out player

For services which have live audio shows or audio records on the site, users could now listen audio shows via audio pop out while browsing the site. Audio pop out player could be open by audio page from audio navigation or embedded audio in article or a section. This new feature is only for bigger screens, it means mobile users will not get this pop out.

The responsible administrator of sites that have audio broadcast should translate the new keywords in Site Localization.

MobileSite.Player.VisitProgramPage and


Multiple bitrate for on-demand audios and videos to download

In order to improved user's experience and react on the different bandwidth connection we are introducing the possibility to choose the quality of audio and video download.

Media file size, quality and format is retrieved from original file uploaded into CMS - currently we are working on the support of full HD.

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