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Image Upload

Image upload


Pangea supports GIF JPG TIF PNG and SWF formats.
You can upload images to Pangea CMS directly from your computer. You can also retrieve images that were send by users UGC = User generated content . Or by field journalists using PangeaGO mobile application.

Image upload page

To navigate to Image upload page click on New > Multimedia > Image.
Hit Choose File button and select the image file from your computer.
Fill mandatory fields marked by red star. Title is used as caption for image showing below the image but you can decide latter on not to display it upon adding the image in your article. Description can be used for more detailed information about the image. You can also decide to which Service Department you will upload the image. Source you select may appear in right bottom corner of the image itself. You can also select Photographer of the image. And define Date when image was taken. Finally hit Upload button.
Eventually Upload Another if you have more images for upload or Upload Similar in case you would like to keep all text but use different image file.

Upload on article page

Another way of uploading image is directly when you are on article edit page.
Hit New Uploads > Select Image. New Image Upload window will pop up.

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