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PhotoGallery Creation



Photo Gallery is collection of images already uploaded to Pangea. You create Photo Gallery by selecting these images. In Photo Gallery reader navigates through images manually.

Photo Gallery Creation Page

To create new Photo Gallery go to New > Multimedia > Photo Gallery.
Please beware you can search images across all entities and services.
You can also chose between 2 layouts how images will be displayed.
After you specify optional search criteria hit Search button.

Attach Images

Based on your search criteria such Date from number of Results and layout list of Images stored in Pangea will display. Use select checkbox to mark images for your Photo Gallery and hit Attach selected images button.

Photo Gallery Tab

Has similar properties as Creating Article page. Mandatory fields are Title and Multimedia Archives representing Zones. Same as in article you can also define Teaser Content and Related Content by switching the tabs. What is different are Gallery Options: Display as photo blog would list images below each other. Display Rating give option to readers to vote in 5 stars system. Display Rating results allow users to see total rating results per image. You can also set when Rating expires at: since that date user will no longer be able to rate but result will be still visible if Display Rating results is checked. Random order mix order or images randomly on front end site.
It does not apply for photo blog. Enable Comments is same as for articles.

To generate Embed Code iframe first you need to save the Photo Gallery and then reopen it. Embedded Code can be used to link to your gallery from external web sites and social media sites. You can also define order of images as displayed on front end by changing the number. Remove some images and Crop them. Multimedia Sharing Options is same as for article.

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